Across the internet, there have been a wide range of reactions to the election of Donald Trump. Many have expressed support for President Obama or resistance against President-elect Trump. Others have chosen to take a more lighthearted approach to the situation: memes. Their response is conscious of the fact that, on Inauguration Day, the country will also be saying goodbye to Vice President Joe Biden.

Over the past eight years, Biden has proven to be a gaffe-prone but eminently likable part of the Obama administration. In recent days, the internet has fallen in love with him all over again, unleashing scores of new and revitalized memes. Whatever the impetus for their resurgence — whether it’s venting frustration with the election or delivering a fond farewell to the veep — they make for some good laughs.

Here are the 50 best Biden memes:

1. He’ll probably burn Trump a copy of his Kenny Loggins CDs.

2. Biden would have put taco trucks on every corner.

3. Not letting the new guy off easy.

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4. He still thinks it would’ve worked.

5. He wanted to plan a special welcome for the President-elect.

6. So he built his own transition team.

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7. He’s still #NeverTrump.

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8. Never one to back down from a fight.

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9. A little on the nose, don’t you think?

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10. Okay, never mind. That’s on the nose.

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11. Biden always was a humanitarian.

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12. He only wanted to cheer him up.

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13. Best not get on his bad side.


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14. Especially if you’re Donald Trump.


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15. Should’ve seen that coming.

16. A good joke always needs telling.

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17. Now that’s just cruel, Mr. Vice President.

18. He’s not letting anybody off the hook.

19. And he’s not above going for the low-hanging fruit.

20. Oh, man.

21. There’s no time to ask permission.

22. Say what you will, but Biden always speaks his mind.

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23. Well, almost always.

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24. He’s not taking it back.

25. Or he’ll just see an orange mirror.

26. Wildcard.


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27. He’ll boldly go where (and when) no man dares.

28. They’re probably all off-brand bottles, too.

29. Waving is for suckers.

30. He really can’t let go of this tiny hands thing.

31. At least his priorities are in order.

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32. He knows what really matters.

33. Biden is a master of psychological warfare.

34. It’s hard to fault a man for his passions.

35. He’s already drawn up a sign to put on the door.

36. Keeping the country safe.

37. You know, I never really considered that.

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38. Yeah, how do you explain it?

39. There was still room. We all saw it.

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40. He also requested a bulk order of Doritos.

41. Because they’re playing the Mordor music instead.

I'd support joe.

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42. Roomies for life.

I don't wanna go to school today ugh

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43. Don’t begrudge the man his souvenirs.

44. I’d pay for that.

45. Laying down some ground rules.

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46. We’ve all been there.

47. We’ve all been there, too. (Ouch).

48. So farewell, Mr. Vice President.

49. The real mastermind in the White House.

50. Always part of the family.

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