The Trump Draws Meme Is the Best Thing on Twitter Right Now

Donald's doodled a turkey.

The former host of The Apprentice, Donald Trump, is a man of many talents, including whipping up doodles worthy of being put on the White House refrigerator. Okay, so his actual drawing skills have yet to be uncovered, but Twitter account Trump Draws has caught ~ The Internet ~’s attention by memeing his artistic abilities.

Here’s the background info on the source content: Over the weekend, Trump issued a slew of executive orders, including a travel ban that sparked protests across the United States and called for a reshuffling of the National Security Council. In true Trump fashion, after every order, he picked up the fancy folder to show off the just-signed documents. There were photographers at the signings to capture the moments, gifting memers everywhere with some fixings for an internet feast.


Pretty immediately after footage of the signings were made available, people began working their magic on some pretty hilarious edits. It started off with still images, but soon people also started pulling off some tricky video work.

“Not on Monday,” a Twitter account dedicated to all things Trump, different draws popped up and racked up over 55,000 followers with just a couple of tweets. But the GIF edits are quite flawless, with each Trump Drawing looking extremely realistic.

New York Magazine talked to the genius behind the Twitter account, a visual-effects artist living in Los Angeles. They said, “It’s hard not to take advantage of someone holding up paper, especially our leader of the free world.”

The illustrations are pretty simple — it’s not like we’d expect some Van Gogh masterpiece from Trump.

This isn’t the first time internet folks have had fun with political edits. When Bernie Sanders showed up on the Senate floor with a huge print-out of a Trump tweet to make his case against the healthcare repeal, memers went wild with their own remixes. Somebody even built a tool for people to easily put in whatever tweet they’d like.

We’ll have to wait to see what Trump draws next — but we’re guessing he’d like to draw Ivanka like one of his French girls.

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