Synthetic Alcohol Promises to End Hangovers for Good

While it’s not scientifically proven that “hair of the dog” will eliminate your hangover, it could have some scientific merit. That’s right, the secret to killing off hangovers forever is, in fact, more alcohol. Well, synthetic alcohol.

Dubbed “alchosynth,” creator David Nutt, professor at Imperial College in London, says that the drink comes with all the desired effects of alcohol without any of the nausea, dry mouth, and headaches associated with hangovers.

“They go very nicely into mojitos,” Nutt told The Independent, adding that he’s concocted about 90 different varieties so far. “They even go into something as clear as a Tom Collins. One is pretty tasteless, the other has a bitter taste.”

Like alcohol, the chemical is designed to mimic GABA, which activates a number of neurochemicals like dopamine. However, the synthetic alcohol would selectively target receptors in order to prevent undesirable side effects such as hangovers and decreased coordination.

Nutt told IBTimes that an antidote, consisting of a derivative of anti-anxiety drug benzodiazepine, is in development to prevent withdrawal from the alchosynth.

It should be noted that Nutt was fired from his position as the United Kingdom’s chief drug advisor in 2009 after stating the LSD and ecstasy were less dangerous than alcohol and pointing out there were more horseriding deaths each year than ecstasy deaths.

In February the UK launched an all-out war on synthetic drugs and it’s unclear if “alcosynth” would be banned under the regulations. Primarily passed to limit dangerous synthetic drugs, like bath salts, it crippled the country’s budding nootropics industry.

Currently two versions of the “alcosynth” are being tested for commercial use and Nutt told The Independent he hopes to see the synthetic alcohol fully replace normal alcohol by 2050. Chances are we’ll all be vaping our cocktails by then anyway.

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