The Will They, Won't They Couples of 'Game of Thrones' Season 7

From Arya and Gendry to Daenerys and Jon, we break down Season 7's most likely "will they or won't they"s


Now that Arya is older and her long-lost crush Gendry seems poised to return in Season 7, Game of Thrones might have its craziest plot twist yet: Arya in a relationship. Because everyone in Westeros must never be happy for longer than two episodes at a time, this probably won’t happen. But the show has already thrown plenty of fan-service our way in Season 6 in the form of acknowledging fan theories and bringing back beloved characters. Based on this, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that the narrative would put Arya and Gendry together. And if there’s a chance these two crazy kids could make it work after one has become a bloodthirsty assassin and the other has disappeared in a boat for four damn seasons, there are plenty of other “not-yet” couples poised for their own moments in the sun. Couples like…

Brienne and Tormund

Brienne and Tormund were by far the most scene-stealing non-couple to emerge from Game of Thrones Season 6. Both were engaging side characters on their own merit, but Tormund’s unexpected crush and Brienne’s bewilderment were comedic gold. As an extra layer, Brienne once had to fight a bear in a dress and Tormund once bragged about sleeping with one. They have so much in common.

Needless to say, their shared Season 6 scenes spawned dozens of volumes of fan fiction and fan art that ranged from hilarious to … whatever is going on here.

Daenerys and Jon

Daenerys and Jon are the most obvious maybe-couple, as their relationship would link the titular Ice and Fire and both are the characters who have danced on the outside of the narrative the longest. The joining of Houses Stark and Targaryen, of East and West, of direwolves and dragons, would make sense both for the narrative and for Westeros. Of course, since we now know that Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenerys is technically his aunt, but incest wouldn’t be unusual in this world. Besides, just look at how cute they’d be.

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Daenerys and Tyrion

Daenerys and Tyrion are a wild card option, but hear us out: Season 6 heavily hinted that Daenerys needs to make a strategic marriage once she lands in Westeros, and what could be more strategic than the guy who knows the ins and outs of all the politics and who has proven his loyalty to her? Sure, the age difference is a bit weird, but no more so than her age difference with Jorah.

Sansa and Podrick

Sansa’s had a rough go of it in the relationship department — one of her crushes turned out to be a sadistic psychopath while the other is gay. She was first married off to a dwarf twice her age who belonged to a rival family and then married to the biggest psycho of all, whose father was responsible for stabbing her brother through the heart. Oh, and she was repeatedly raped, and now her much-older family friend who is in love with her dead mother wants to marry her. All in all, she should really consider the finer points of singlehood — but if she wants a relationship, there’s nobody better than Podrick. He’s gentle and sweet and noble and loyal, but could also treat her to a great time in the sack. There’s nobody better.

Sansa and Yara

But, if Sansa decides to swear off men entirely, there’s always Yara. Sophie Turner has commented that she’d like Sansa to have a girlfriend. Though Margaery Tyrell was among her choices, that’s unfortunately no longer an option after that deadly sept explosion in “The Winds of Winder.” But if she’s looking for a smart, powerful lady with a taste for fellow ladies, Yara Greyjoy has already made it clear that she’s “up for anything.”

Arya and Gendry

Arya and Gendry are the most intriguing potential couple — recall that before he left her to join the Brotherhood Without Banners, she implored him to stay and be her family, but he said, “You wouldn’t be my family. You’d be my lady.” Even though Arya was still a girl then, his words seemed to hold promise for the future. Of course, until the writers decided he should fuck off in a boat and refrain from being seen or heard from for nearly four seasons. If he returns at last in Season 7, he will hardly find Arya to be the same rambunctious tomboy he left. He will have to reckon with the new dark Arya, and any ensuing relationship holds all manner of potential for her character development.

Game of Thrones returns in summer 2017.

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