Daenerys Should Marry Tyrion In 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 

Everyone wants her to marry Jon, but there's a better idea staring her in the face. 


The Game of Thrones Season 6 finale lingered on the issue of Daenerys potentially solidifying her power in Westeros through marriage. It wasn’t crucial to the finale to see her have a long breakup scene with Daario — bad luck, dude — or a conversation about it with Tyrion. The fact that “The Winds of Winter” took the time to show us, means that it will likely be significant in the future.

Many fans are gunning for a Dany and Jon marriage — especially if Jon’s real name is Jaehaerys Targaryen, just think of the couple name possibilities. It makes sense: They’re both the most heroic characters whose journeys we’ve followed from underdog status to positions of power. And though they’re aunt and nephew, incest would be old hat to Targaryens. Plus we can’t deny the adorable factor of these pictures.

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But that said, Jon would be the easy choice. There’s one dangling in front of Dany’s — and our — faces that’s far more interesting: Tyrion. Daenerys already has his loyalty, whereas she would surely need to work hard to win Jon over. As Jon told Sansa in the Season 6 finale, their enemies are everywhere. Thanks to his experience getting Julius Ceasar-ed and dying, he’s not exactly quick to trust, and he’d surely find the sight of a silver-haired conqueror with dragons alarming. The revelation that this quintessentially Targaryen looking creature is his aunt — when he’s gone his whole life trying to live up to the Stark name and legacy — would only traumatize him further. And while Jon has been beyond the Wall, he’s never been to King’s Landing.

You know who has? Tyrion. He’s traveled to all corners of Westeros from King’s Landing to The Wall, and has a keen understanding of its inner workings. He’s grown up around nobility but his status as a dwarf has given him empathy for the outsiders.

And he’s had relationships with lowborn citizens, from his friendship with Bronn to his ill-fated romance with Shae. He’s also got a better head for politics than Jon. After all this time, Jon still isn’t good at PR or playing the game of thrones. Tyrion is.

And though he’s all but renounced his own family, he’s still a Lannister. In a time when many great Houses have fallen — Baratheon; Tyrell; Bolton — the Lannister name still holds weight to most Westerosi citizens.

Plus, he’s already a familiar face to her children.

Jon might be the popular choice, but Tyrion is the dark-horse contender. Perhaps the writers have realized this too, and their script-changes are the real reason for Season 7’s delay.

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