Torienne, A Targaryen Family BBQ, and Other Things We Want From 'GoT' Season 7

There might not be a book blueprint, but we can predict some major plot points. 


After that world-altering Game of Thrones Season 6 finale, Season 7 will be playing a whole new game. Character alliances are shifted, once-great Houses find themselves at the brink, A Girl is back in Westeros, a new king has been crowned in the North, Bran Stark knows who Jon’s real parents are, Varys seems to own a teleporter, and Cersei Lannister is seated on the fucking Iron Throne. Even though Season 7 will be largely uncharted territory, there are broad strokes we can paint for events that will certainly play out.

A Stark family reuinion

Now that Jon and Sansa are back in Winterfell, Jon has been crowned the King in the North, and references are being made to Ned Stark’s old mantra of “winter is coming,” and we’re closer than ever to Season 1’s status quo of Starks being in the same room. But “The Winds of Winter” showed that Arya is back in Westeros and Bran is heading North. By the end of Season 7, the four remaining Stark siblings will certainly share the same space — if only the others aren’t frightened of the person Arya has become. As Jon was always closest to her, their new dynamic will be something to watch.

A Targaryen family reunion

Now that it’s confirmed that Jon is a Targaryen — his real mother is Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark; his real father is Rhaegar Targaryen — when he and Daenerys inevitably meet, it will be another family affair. We have yet to see whether the show will go incestuous and make it a literal affair, or if Daenery’s imperious personality will clash with Jon’s more mooncalf by-the-seat-of-his-pants leadership approach, but whatever will happen is sure to go down next season.

Jaime and Tyrion conspiring against Cersei

Tyrion will surely be alarmed to find out that Cersei is on the Throne. Jaime didn’t look too pleased by her Mad Queen antics either. What if the prophecy about Cersei’s “little brother” killing her applies to both brothers? Even if they don’t band together, Tyrion and Jaime will certainly get more opportunities to share scenes like this.

Euron Greyjoy causing trouble

With Ramsay and Walder Frey both gone, Season 6 has dispatched of most the major human villains. But don’t forget about the dick-loving Euron Greyjoy. He’s still out there, and besides Cersei, he will be the main antagonist of Season 7.

A romance for the ages

We can’t forget about Tormund and Brienne’s excellent flirtation, which will surely be revisited in Season 7. Now that Dany and Daario are no longer the show’s Power Couple and Jaime and Cersei are surely no more, that leaves Tormund the opening he’s been waiting for.

Season 7 will air in spring of 2017.

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