There's a 'Pokemon GO' Gym at The DMZ Between North and South Korea

'Pokemon GO' gyms are popping up literally everywhere.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. A Reddit user posted an unusual message he received from a military buddy of his stationed in South Korea pertaining to the augmented reality Pokémon app. Apparently, there is a Pokémon gym located in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between the North and South Korean border.

The DMZ is the border between communist North Korea and democratic South Korea. Since the two countries are technically still at war — they signed an armistice in 1953 — the DMZ works as a de facto border between them. Aside from a central point where the two countries occasionally meet, the DMZ is littered with armed guards, land mines, and snipers. So yeah, since Panmunjom is officially on the North Korean side of the DMZ, reaching it might pose a little bit of a challenge.

While the likelihood of someone in North Korea claiming that gym are fairly slim, anybody from the South foolish enough to venture close to the border for the chance to claim, possibly the safest gym leader position available in the world, would risk being perceived as an invader and triggering an international conflict (or at least a landmine).

After news reports of finding dead bodies, armed robberies, angry rants, and now this, Pokémon GO is pretty much tapping into the entirety of the human experience. It would be a surprise if everyone makes it out of this collective obsession alive.

DMZ 'Pokémon GO' Gym

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