A Guide to 'Pokémon GO' for Lazy People

For those who wish to become Pokémon masters with little effort.


Pokémon GO has already become a huge success – with millions of people finally realizing their dream of becoming Pokémon masters. The game requires players to actively search for Pokémon in the real world. When fans first played the game, many figured that they might be able to ride around in their car or on the bus, easily stopping and picking up Pokémon through their travels. However, it seems that the only way to catch Pokémon is through walking.


Pokémon GO utilizes our phone’s pedometer and GPS to measure our steps and calculate how far we have walked. However, if a person is going too fast, the game picks up on the speed and does not count the movement. An individual may be able to get by on other activities like skateboarding or rollerblading, but not only is this dangerous, but the individual must be moving at a slower pace for it to register.

But, let’s be honest. Who really wants to do all that walking? What happened to the days of old when a person can sit in their home, eat Cheetos, and capture Pokémon without breaking a sweat? Here is how to advance in Pokémon GO without overexerting yourself.

Relax Near Pokéstops


Some of us may not have the luxury of living or working near a Pokéstop. If you do, you should definitely use this to your advantage. Pokéstops are the blue boxes that lay around your the area. From the stops, you can collect Pokéballs, potions, eggs, and other items that will definitely come in handy. Also, every time you find a Pokéstop, you receive 50 XP. It is a quick way of leveling up at the beginning of the game.

Use the Lure Module

Lure Module location

The Lure Module is one of the most useful items in the game. It attracts nearby Pokémon to a Pokéstop. To place a Lure Module, open up the Pokéstop and look for the little white cylinder above the spinning disk. Click on it to bring up your Lure Modules and then place one on the location. In which case, you do not have to move and the Pokémon will come to you. It also helps other trainers because they will be able to take advantage of the Lure Module that you placed. We are not sure if the Pokémon that show up will be rarer, but it is definitely worth it. You get to do a good deed by helping others and get to be lazy at the same time.

Use Your Incense


For those who do not have the luxury of relaxing near Pokéstops for long periods of time, incense can also be used to your advantage. Incense attracts wild Pokémon to your location. It is basically like the Lure Module, but more selfish. Who wants to help out other trainers anyway, right?

Close and Open the Game


The game has its fair share of bugs. The game has a habit of being inaccessible at times because people overload the servers. But, there is a silver lining in all of this. You are able to give your phone a break, order a pizza, and focus on other tasks. But, the best thing may be that on occasion, when the game is opened in a location with a lot of Pokémon nearby, they all seem to pop up at once. This is not a common occurrence and may possibly be a bug. If it is, take advantage of it while it still happens.

Pokémon Battle

Go forth and be the greatest, laziest, Pokémon masters that you can be.

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