"Battle of The Bastards" Photos Show an Epic War Coming To 'Game of Thrones' 

Episode 9's photos preview chaos, giants, Tormund, and Jon Snow facing off against an entire army. 

The Battle of the Bastards — also known as Bastardbowl — is less than a week away. The long anticipated “shit goes down o’clock” of Game of Thrones episode 9 is here. Last season it was “The Dance of Dragons,” Season 4 had that epic Wall battle and Ygritte’s death in “The Watchers on the Wall,” Season 3 had the Red Wedding, Season 2 had “Blackwater,” Season 1 beheaded Ned Stark. Episode 9 is, historically, kind of a big deal.

This one promises to pit Jon Snow against Ramsay Bolton in a fight to take back the North. The showrunners have already hyped it up as the show’s biggest battle to date — bigger than “Hardhome” and “Blackwater” — and coupled with the mediocrity of last episode, that means the stakes are rather high.

Luckily, the photos from “The Battle of The Bastards” look like it lives up to its epic promise.

Ramsay does something terrible

Ramsay is probably going to finally die — hopefully by a Direwolf’s paw — but the show will not be able to resist having him do one last terrible thing, in case we’ve forgotten that he’s not actually a nice guy.

Huge fucking armies

David Benioff said this episode required the most extras the show has ever used, so we can presumably expect many distant shots to hammer in that fact.

Wun-Wun changes his mind

When the giant enters the fray, you know the situation is getting cray.

Jon Snow on foot versus an entire army of men on horses

Jon Snow’s odds don’t look good here, but he’s already come back from the dead once. To kill him again would be truly pointless. He’ll be fine, though the same can’t be said of his hair, which is pulled back so tightly it’s no wonder he never smiles.

Game of Thrones, if you kill Davos, we swear to the Seven….

Davos looks like he’s ready to join the frey, and this can mean nothing good for his odds of survival. It’s frankly shocking he’s made it this far, being such a decent person. We must mentally prepare ourselves to say goodbye to the best little-girl pep-talk giver in Westeros.

Tormund unleashes Wilding Rage

Remember that time in “Hardhome” when Tormund randomly beat a man to death just for insulting him? Although Brienne-pining Tormund is fun, it’s easy to forget what a loose cannon he can be. It looks like we’ll be reminded here, and berserker-Tormund is the best kind of Tormund.

Jon takes a moment to pout

Even in an episode where epic batshittery will surely go down, it’s good to know Jon will still be Jon.

“The Battle of The Bastards” will air Sunday June 19th on HBO.

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