Watch the Best Stuff in the Apple iPhone SE Event in 9 Minutes, 22 Seconds

Get caught up on everything you missed in under 10 minutes. 

Getty Images/ Justin Sullivan

Apple had one hell of a day. In case you missed something during the crazy news cycle of new iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV announcements, this video, courtesy of Jeff Benjamin at can get you all caught up.

Benjamin has condensed the major product reveals at Apple’s Special Event, which was supposed to occur right before a major hearing in the company’s case against the FBI. You’ll have to read up on the game-changing developments in Apple’s legal case too, but for product details, announcements and release dates, this video has it all.

The iPhone SE packs most of the power and hardware of an iPhone 6s into a much smaller case (and a smaller price tag!), along with a host of new features included in the new iOS 9.3 update. There’s also a new iPad Pro, which Apple hopes will convert some Windows users to the other side of the Mac vs PC divide.

Get in the loop with the full video below:

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