Tyrion Might Have A Daughter In 'Game of Thrones' Season 6

Jon Snow lives, but his isn't the only story that's about to get crazy.

There are many Game of Thrones characters who will throw the story for a loop in Season 6 — Jon Snow and The Hound for the top two — but don’t discount Tyrion as he presides over the bureaucratic nightmare of Meereen. That might not initially sound like the most dynamic plotline, if it wasn’t for this juicy bit of casting news: Tyrion’s long lost daughter.

Say what? Tyrion has a long lost daughter?

Book readers have long had a theory that Penny the dwarf — a character who has yet to be introduced on the show — is secretly Tyrion’s daughter by that whore he always talks about. No, not Shae. Tysha, the first one. The dude’s loved his share of whores.

In the books, she actually accompanies Tyrion and Jorah on their trip to Meereen and develops a crush on him. Because there’s nothing George R.R. Martin loves more than incest. In his original plan for the books, Jon and Arya were supposed to have a passionate affair. Tyrion and his daughter would be weak tea in comparison.

Now, in the books, they first meet at the Purple Wedding, aka Joffrey’s glorious murder. Remember when he’s being a huge dick and making a bunch of dwarves re-enact Robb’s death in front of Sansa? Penny was one of those dwarves.

The show would obviously tweak the timeline, but this young actress, who is playing a mysterious role in Season 6, certainly fits the bill. Her role isn’t minor, since she reportedly filmed scenes with Cersei and her minions Qyburn and Grand Maester Pycelle.

It would be so like Cersei to know about Tyrion’s secret daughter and conspire to use her against him, wouldn’t it?

Because the daughter theory is just speculation, even book readers wonder what Penny’s role in the story is. As the show has been perfectly comfortable with axing or combining minor characters, including Penny suggests that writers are planning to do something with her. Large as the cast is, they don’t throw in characters just for the hell of it. Tyrion’s story is about to get interesting.

This theory would be up there with several floating around for Season 6. Whether it pans out or not, Season 6 looks bananas. April can’t come soon enough, but All Men Must Wait.

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