Colbert Plays Catch with Scott Kelly, President Obama, and Chewbacca

President Barack Obama, astronaut Scott Kelly, and Chewie all caught Colbert's football on the 'Late Show.'

When Stephen Colbert announced that he was doing The Late Show live in a Super Bowl “Postgame Supershow,” his guest list was a little nuts and guaranteed to elicit the snorting kind of laughter. It included Will Ferrell (whose appearance with a kitten didn’t fail to impress), Tina Fey, Key and Peele, and even “Donald Trump’s kryptonite” Megyn Kelly. But in fact, within the first few minutes after Colbert hit the stage, he defied the known laws of time and space to communicate with a variety of incredible characters all over the universe. There was Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Landers, astronaut Scott Kelly, Chewbacca, and even President Barack Obama and the FLOTUS, Michelle.

The schtick was, the ball is “thrown” to each fantastic person by the hilarious host. First, broadcaster Boomer Esiason chucked it from Santa Clara to the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.

Colbert cast it toward military personnel in Afghanistan. Next, with no gravity, Kelly barely caught it floating his way. He noted that they watched the game on the International Space Station, saying, “It was a great view from our sky box.”

Colbert asked if they made chili. Kelly joked that they didn’t, “cause it’s not like we can crack a window up here.”

“I get your drift,” Colbert responded.

He then asked him to throw a spiral. The ball and spaceman both then barreled their way into the camera.

And since the football was out in space, Chewbacca grabbed it next. There was a clump of hair on it when it was returned to Colbert.

“He’s shedding,” the host chuckled.

“The tall guy in the back with the big ears,” President Obama, was next in line. The scene is too cute for words — as if the whole routine could get cuter. Obama noted that his part was pre-taped and to prove it, Colbert from a week ago sauntered up next to him. There’s a pretty good joke about the plot of National Treasure 3 being written on the back of the Declaration of Independence. You’ll just have to watch it.

Michelle Obama was dancing with a bunch of kids who ooohh-ed when she asked, “Who is throwing a football in the White House?”

The President backed up slowly, pointing at Colbert’s back.

With bits like this, Colbert is proving that he can and will dominate mainstream, network TV. And man, we knew he was a Hobbit nerd, but he’s definitely got a geeky guy crush on Scott Kelly. The proof is in the pudding.