Colbert Calls Scott Kelly 'the Kim Kardashian of the International Space Station'

Scott Kelly appeared on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' to talk space dust and bone density. 


Astronaut Scott Kelly is certainly one of the most popular guys in the universe right now. Even the fascinatingly hilarious host of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert was as giddy as a schoolboy last night when interviewing Kelly as he floated on the ISS.

“Space is still the most exciting thing I can imagine,” Colbert told him, eyes lit up with glee, “It’s like I’m an astronaut right now!” Kelly has spent more time in space than any other person ever. “Everybody is sucking your dust,” Colbert joked. Kelly handled his questions with reserve and a few smiles.

“What is it on the planet you are trying to escape?” Colbert asked Kelly about his tons of time out of the atmosphere.

“There’s a lot of things down there, that when you see what’s going on, you think you might like to escape,” the astronaut admitted. Then he got serious, explaining that they’re up there to learn about the long-term effects of being in space on the body and DNA so that one day we can hang out on Mars.

He said the things he misses most are human contact and going outside, noting that a spacewalk just isn’t the same thing. And apparently, it takes the ISS a mere 90 minutes to make its way around the Earth, and they do it 16 times a day. Ninety minutes is how long it takes most people to drive home from work each evening.

The host asked if Kelly uses the brilliantly titled “C.O.L.B.E.R.T.” or the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill, which the comedian was able to name thanks to a contest and viewer support. “It’s a great piece of equipment,” Kelly assured and thanked him.

In split screen, there were amusing words typed under Kelly and Colbert — much like in his Colbert Report segment, “The Word.” Kelly: Milky Way/Colbert: Broadway and Kelly: High/Colbert: High? were two standouts.

Colbert mentioned that Kelly’s identical twin, fellow astronaut Mark, is his control in the experiment down here on Earth. “Which of you two is the evil twin.” Colbert probed. “That would certainly have to be my brother,” Kelly said a little too quickly.

Colbert wondered who has more bone density at this point, him or a sparrow. Kelly’s response was a little graphic. If you’re up there long enough, “you wouldn’t need your bones to hold your meat.” Which even kind of grossed out the host.

Regarding Kelly’s popular Instagram account, Colbert called him a celebrity and “something of the Kim Kardashian of the International Space Station,” adding, “Who knows what you could balance on your ass at this point.” Kelly half laughed, offering only a simple “OK” before signing off with a few flips.

Watch the whole thing here. It’s certainly worth a click.