Nothing Ear 2 Leak Reveals Better Audio Quality and Longer Battery Life

No need to wait until March 22 to see Nothing’s new transparent ANC wireless earbuds.

Leaked render of Nothing's Ear 2
OnLeaks / TheTechOutlook

Nothing is sacred anymore. Serial leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known as @OnLeaks on Twitter, worked with TheTechOutlook to unveil the first in-depth look at Nothing’s upcoming Ear 2 ANC wireless earbuds. The leaks include the latest renders showing off the transparent design of the Ear 2, along with key specs, like longer battery life and better audio quality.

We’re only a week out from the official March 22 announcement and if the leaks are accurate, the Ear 2 should be a solid successor to the Nothing Ear 1 buds. The Ear 2 are launching a few months after the $100 Ear Stick, the more affordable wireless earbuds with no active noise cancellation, which were released in October. Looking ahead, Nothing is going to drop its more powerful Phone 2 in late 2023.

Similar Transparent Design, Better Specs

Design-wise, the Ear 2 will keep the transparent and minimalistic styling of its predecessor. Going off the renders from TheTechOutlook, the noise-canceling microphone may be moved to the top of the earbud stems. Nothing also teased an image of the Ear 2, with a charging case that is hopefully smaller than the Ear 1.

As for the internals, the Ear 2 will feature the same 11.6 mm speakers as the Ear 1, but offer an improved playback time of six hours, according to the leaked specs. Listening time extends to 36 hours with the case, which can be charged through USB-C or Qi wireless charging. There are rumors that the Ear 2 will support two devices at once for easy swapping, as well as a feature that lets you adjust the strength of the ANC and the EQ of the earbuds.

Clearly frustrated by the leak, Nothing went ahead and tweeted a thread detailing a bunch of improvements to expect with the Ear 2. According to Nothing, the Ear 2 is Hi-Res Audio certified since it supports LHDC 5.0 streaming and has an IP54 water resistance from a new injection molding process. Nothing says that there will be better quality control and a larger workforce behind the Ear 2. Hopefully, that means we won’t get the same early hiccups that the Ear 1 went through.

The Ear 2 sticks with the Nothing’s distinct design.

OnLeaks / TheTechOutlook

Coming March 22

Since we’re so close to the official reveal of the Ear 2, it shouldn’t be surprising that a leak of this magnitude managed to squeeze out. It’s drumming up a good amount of last-minute hype, particularly for what we’re hoping to be a solid competitor to Apple’s AirPods Pro 2.

We’ll get an official announcement from Nothing with its Ear 2 on March 22, 11 a.m. ET.

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