This Game Boy Micro-Like Handheld Can Play GBA, N64, and PS1 Games

Plus, it comes with a joystick!

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The often-forgotten Game Boy Micro has a spiritual successor, and it’s not from Nintendo or Anbernic, makers of the popular RG35XX retro handhelds.

Miyoo, famous for its Mini Plus handheld (an RG35XX lookalike), is working on its latest handheld called the A30. It’s meant to compete against Anbernic’s recently released RG28XX and even sports similar dimensions.

Leaks have spoiled all of the Miyoo A30 details, including specs, colorways, and even Nintendo 64 gameplay. Even though the Miyoo A30 and Anbernic RG28XX are similar pocketable handhelds, the two handheld makers each focused on different features. The A30 emphasizes its joystick, a feature the RG28XX lacks, and Anbernic focuses its handheld around performance.

We’re expecting the A30 to go up for sale any day now after it was teased along with the Mini Flip last month.

Just Enough to Run PS1 Games

The Miyoo A30 (top) alongside the Anbernic RG28XX.

BittBoy / X

Thanks to a full spec sheet leaked by GameboyJuntaro on X, we know the A30 has a 2.8-inch display with 640 x 480 resolution. On the inside, the A30 has an Allwinder A33 CPU, 512MB of RAM, 16MB of flash storage, and a 2,600mAh battery. That means the A30 should handle Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation 1 titles just fine. However, it can’t run up to PSP, Nintendo DS, and Dreamcast games like Anbernic’s RG28XX, which also should outlast its competition with a 3,100 mAh battery.

Even though the A30 is less powerful than Anbernic’s RG28XX, Miyoo includes a thumbstick that should make playing 3D PS1 and N64 titles a lot easier. It does feel strange for Miyoo to include a thumbstick when it can’t handle more advanced titles due to a weaker chipset. Otherwise, the A30 has all the typical inputs that we expect from handhelds, like ABXY, shoulder, and start and select buttons, along with a D-pad. Miyoo’s handheld also has Wi-Fi connectivity, charges via USB-C, and includes a microSD card slot for storing all your games.

Still No Price Info

According to an unofficial Miyoo account on X, the A30 is expected to launch sometime in April (there’s only a week left in the month as of this writing), followed by a release of the highly-anticipated Mini Flip. Considering how leaked videos show the A30 playing N64 titles, the retro handheld looks very close to launching.

Going off the RG28XX as a reference point, we’re expecting Miyoo to price the A30 below Anbernic’s handheld. The official RG28XX product page just went up showing it will cost $44 for the first two days following its April 25 release; that price bumps back up to its $48 retail price afterward.

The third-party seller, Keep Retro, has it listed for $55.99. We’ll have to wait for Miyoo to release the official MSRP, though.

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