Hisense’s New TV is a Samsung Frame Clone — But $500 Cheaper

Go from reality TV to Renaissance paintings.

Hisense CanvasTV

Samsung’s The Frame is one of the best options when it comes to hiding your TV as artwork when not in use, but the high price tag makes it out of the question for some. If the Frame is out of your budget, you may still have an option — Hisense’s CanvasTV, which starts at $999.

Just like The Frame, CanvasTV can double as a way to display famous paintings to make it look like you don’t have a TV as your living room centerpiece. Hisense does this through the CanvasTV’s Art Mode, which can be activated with a dedicated button on its remote. You can choose from a library of free artworks that span popular types of painting, like abstract, modern, and Renaissance.

If you want a more personal touch, you can make the CanvasTV into a digital frame with your own photographs. It may feel like you’re pumping up your electric bill, but Hisense includes a light sensor that automatically adjusts to the environment and a motion detector so it can turn off if nobody is in the room.

The CanvasTV from Hisense will have interchangeable frames like seen with The Frame from Samsung.


A TV That Does It All

To really sell the illusion, you can customize the CanvasTV’s frame. By default, it comes with a teak frame, but you can switch it up with a plain white option or a more sophisticated walnut design. Like Samsung’s model, the CanvasTV’s frames are held by magnets so you can easily swap between the interchangeable colors to match the interior design of whatever room it’s in.

Getting to the TV side, it’s a 4K QLED display with a refresh rate of 144Hz, meaning this will even give you smooth, detailed video when you’re gaming. The hi-matte and anti-glare display may trick you into thinking the CanvasTV is a real painting, but it also gets rid of any unwanted reflections when you’re watching movies. Pair that with its multi-channel surround sound system and you get a solid experience for watching movies at home. Hisense says the CanvasTV will run off Google TV, so you can get Google search right on the TV to help you find what to watch next.

The Frame from Samsung has more size options, but also a higher price tag.


Available in Two Sizes

Hisense says the CanvasTV will debut in 55- and 65-inch sizes. Compared to Samsung’s The Frame which starts at $1,500 for its 55-inch model, you’re saving a decent chunk of change that you can spend on Hisense’s interchangeable frames instead. The savings get even deeper if you want the larger 65-inch CanvasTV, which will start at $1,399, according to CNET. That’s $600 cheaper than Samsung’s 65-inch model.

You won’t get as many size choices with Hisense, since Samsung has a range that goes from an entry-level 43-inch version for $1,000 to the top-of-the-line $4,300 option at 85 inches wide. Hisense’s two options for its CanvasTV should get the job done for most people, though. Both sizes will be available starting in late summer, according to Hisense.

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