CES 2022

Samsung's new matte display turns The Frame TV into glare-free canvas

Both The Sero and The Serif will come with the new Matte Display, too.

Samsung came to CES 2022 with a truly impressive range of future-forward consumer technology. Televisions are high on Samsung’s list of innovations, as usual. Some of the company’s most interesting TVs are getting a matte upgrade this year, making them much easier to view across diverse lighting situations.

The Frame — the one that’s meant to look just like a framed piece of art — is one model that will now feature Samsung’s Matte Display. The low-reflection screen will lend a more realistic feel to that art-viewing experience. You wouldn’t want sun glare ruining the illusion. Somehow Samsung has managed to even make the new matte finish feel “lifelike,” as if it were made of canvas rather than glass.

That anti-glare tech could be a huge draw for buyers who don’t even care about The Frame’s realistic art display options, given how annoying it is to watch most televisions with direct lighting. Add to that the new Gaming Hub and built-in NFT Aggregator and you’ve got a recipe for big sales.

The perfect upgrade — The Frame was already an innovative TV. Allowing a TV to blend into its surroundings is one thing; getting it to look nice enough that you don't want it to disappear is a task of Herculean proportions. Adding a matte finish to The Frame does just that.

More than 1,600 pieces of art are now available for browsing and display through The Frame’s built-in software. As with the original model, the new Frame will also allow users to display their own photos when it’s “off.”


The Frame will be available in seven sizes this year, ranging from 32 inches to 85 inches. The display itself is great for plenty of things other than showing off paintings, too. It’s capable of 120Hz 4K gaming and 4K HDR picture.

Serif and Sero, too — Samsung must really be proud of its new Matte Display — it’s bringing the technology to two of its other flagship televisions, too.


The Serif — the strange model that’s designed to stand on legs and be moved around your house — will use the Matte Display and come with a matte-finish body to match. This year it’ll be released with a new 65-inch option, making it the largest Serif yet.


The 2022 Sero, which can rotate to be viewed vertically, will also take advantage of that new matte finish. Samsung says The Sero is now shipping with a vertical Multi View option that allows two applications to run stacked at the same time.