Matt Wille

Ethereum's big merge reduces climate impact but not transaction fees

The merge should reduce Ethereum's power consumption by approximately 99 percent.


Big Tech antitrust bill finds new support in Mozilla, DuckDuckGo

The American Innovation and Choice Online Act aims to cut down on self-preferencing and privacy violations.


Period tracker Flo adds 'Anonymous Mode' amid data privacy concerns

The overturning of Roe v. Wade has health companies moving toward proactive strategies.


Twitter shareholders tell Elon Musk they'll gladly take his $44 billion

Musk still won't pull out his wallet.


The Nissan Leaf's bidirectional charging system is finally ready to power the grid

The feature has been built into the Leaf for years.


At MoMA, video games get their own stage

An interview with senior curator Paola Antonelli and collection specialist Paul Galloway on the opening of MoMA’s exhibition "Never Alone."


Amazon brings its entry-level Kindle up to speed with new model

The new Kindle includes 16 GB of storage, USB-C charging, and a much better resolution.


Kobo's new Clara 2E is its most eco-friendly e-reader yet

The Clara 2E is Kobo's first e-reader to use more than 85 percent recycled plastic.


Tech CEOs come together to rail against TikTok, ignoring domestic threats

Big Tech loves to hate on TikTok, but there are plenty of privacy threats that live much closer to home.


DOJ testifies that Google spends billions on search engine supremacy

A Department of Justice attorney said in court that Google's default contracts keep it on top.


Europe gives Tesla driver-assist sky-high safety rating despite fatal crashes

Meanwhile, the U.S. has 39 open investigations into Autopilot's failures.


This innovative scoliosis brace 'grows' with its wearer

This year's James Dyson Award winner builds on a brace design that's barely been updated since the 1950s.


Twitter's crowdsourced fact-checkers included QAnon supporters

A leaked audit reveals Twitter only noticed the QAnon account the night before Birdwatch launched.


FTC expands Amazon investigation to include healthcare and robotics buyouts

Amazon's acquisitions of One Medical and iRobot have the FTC more invested than ever in the case.


Starlink snubbed in $6 billion broadband internet grants

The FCC has rejected SpaceX's grant applications.


Twitter is finally testing an edit button — for paid subscribers only

The most asked-after Twitter feature is finally landing on the platform.

At Last...

Instagram reminds users of exhausting feed curation tools

The company says it's important that we "feel good" about the time we spend on Instagram.


FTC sues data broker for selling sensitive location data

Idaho-based Kochava has allegedly sold location data traceable to reproductive health clinics and domestic violence shelters.


The Department of Justice is ready to serve Apple a hefty antitrust lawsuit

The DOJ has been investigating Apple's hardware and software ecosystem for years now.


QAnon is thriving on Truth Social for some reason

Maybe not for long, though: Truth Social is nearing financial ruin, reports say.