CES 2024

Samsung’s New Bluetooth Speaker Disguises Itself as a Picture Frame

Play your favorite tunes while looking at your favorite memories.

Samsung's Music Frame Bluetooth speaker
CES 2024

There’s a more elegant way to get surround sound in your living room than loading it up with conspicuous speakers.

Before the start of CES 2024, Samsung announced its Music Frame speaker which takes after the design of its Frame TVs. Just as The Frame felt cozier to have than a black void in your living space, the Music Frame hides the fact that it’s a Bluetooth speaker behind a picture frame.

Samsung lets you set up the Music Frame as a wireless speaker, but you can also connect it to your TV or soundbar to act as the main speaker, rear speaker, or subwoofer. You can double down on the Music Frame and pair two of them to serve as a surround sound system, too. It’s not a completely wireless speaker since you still have to plug it in, but its discreet design means people will still be left guessing where the audio is coming from.

The Music Frame will blend right into your living space and provide audio when you need it to.


Hidden in Plain Sight

Unlike The Frame, Samsung’s Music Frame is just a traditional picture frame where you have to slip in your own photo or printed image. If you ever want to switch things up, you have to physically swap out the photos, instead of changing it digitally like you can with The Frame.

Samsung is letting you choose how you want to hide the Music Frame since it can sit on an included stand or be mounted to walls. Once it’s set up, the Music Frame also doubles as an IoT hub since it’s compatible with voice assistants.

Internally, the Music Frame is built with two woofers, two tweeters, and two mid-drivers to deliver clear sound. It even comes with Samsung’s SpaceFit technology, so the Music Frame can calibrate itself to the room so that your music fills the space evenly.

Since it’s part of the same family, you can pair the Music Frame with The Frame, which Samsung is refreshing for 2024. The updated version has a variable refresh rate adjustment when it’s in Art Mode, displaying your favorite pieces while consuming less energy. Samsung also updated its Art Store experience to make it easier to switch up the art when you want.

Samsung is refreshing The Frame to be more efficient.


Revealed, But Not Released

Samsung hasn’t revealed any pricing or release details about the Music Frame or the refreshed Frame TV. For reference, the existing Frame costs a hefty $1,699.99 and that’s just for the smallest available option at 55 inches. We’re expecting Samsung to share more details about its Frame products after CES 2024.

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