DJI’s New Drone is Cheaper, More Immersive, and Does Pre-Programmed Stunts

This cinewhoop drone will be fun for beginners and experts alike.

DJI Avata 2 FPV drone

The king of drones is back, this time trying to one-up itself when it comes to FPV drones.

After releasing the first Avata nearly two years ago, DJI made some major improvements to a second-gen cinewhoop drone simply called the Avata 2. It’s still the small, lightweight design that lets it nimbly capture cinematic drone footage indoors or outdoors, but DJI has added some new accessories and features to make it much easier to use.

Along with the Avata 2, DJI’s Goggles 3 FPV headset has a picture-in-picture feature so you can keep an eye on your surroundings while you’re zipping around. On top of the headset, the new DJI RC Motion 3 enables the new Easy Acro mode that gets the Avata 2 to do a front or backflip, barrel roll, or 180-degree drift with the push of a button. This mode reminds us a lot of DJI’s QuickShots feature on its other drones which similarly gets you some impressive drone footage with one click.

DJI added a ton of upgrades to the Avata 2 which makes it worth the upgrade.


Better Battery and Sensor

For the pros, you can set the Avata 2 and the remote controller into manual mode and take over full control. You may be more likely to crash when flying manually, but the Avata 2 does have propeller guards to make sure it won’t get too dinged up. If you do end up crashing and the drone flips onto its back, the Avata 2 has Turtle Mode where it will self-right itself back into a takeoff position.

Like DJI’s other drones, the Avata 2 still has RockSteady and HorizonSteady features to make sure your footage is stable and level. DJI did upgrade the FPV drone with a larger 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor compared to its predecessor, meaning 4K60p video and 12-megapixel photos. You can even get more control over the post-processing since the Avata 2 can shoot in 10-bit D-Log M.

DJI also upgraded the battery life, since the Avata 2 now has a max flight time of 23 minutes up from the Avata’s 18 minutes. It’s probably best to get a microSD card since those ultra-wide 155-degree FOV landscape shots will take up a ton of memory, but the drone has 46GB of internal storage for all the times you forget.

The $999 Avata 2 Fly More Combo comes with everything you need to get right into flying.


A More Immersive Drone Experience

The Avata 2 is already available on DJI’s website in a Fly More Combo that includes the FPV drone, the Goggles 3, the RC Motion 3, and a single battery for $999. If you want more batteries, there’s a Fly More Combo that includes three that cost $1,199. If you just want to upgrade your cinewhoop drone only and aren’t interested in the new accessories, you can buy just the Avata 2 for $489. That’s a significant drop from the previous Avata’s drone-only starting price of $629.

While the Avata 2 isn’t as affordable and popular as some of DJI’s other more budget-friendly options, it’s still a great entry point for someone looking to get into FPV drones. With the addition of Easy Acro mode, it should make for a much easier learning curve to get some fast-paced drone shots.

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