Why the Apple Pencil Could Actually Be the Vision Pro’s Best Companion

For all those times that pinching fingers don’t cut it.

Apple Pencil on an iPad

With rumors that Apple is planning on refreshing its iPad lineup later this month or in early April via Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, there’s a hint that Apple may be updating its Pencil accessory. That refresh could mean a lot of things, but it’s not all about iPads: this could be the perfect time to make the Apple Pencil compatible with the Vision Pro.

What does the Apple Pencil have to do with the Vision Pro, you ask? Well, for one, it’d be a more intuitive way to tackle tasks that require accuracy when working in Apple’s spatial computer. We’ve already seen from Meta, which offers a stylus attachment for its Quest Pro controllers. But unlike a clunky controller, Apple already has the perfect device to pair with its Vision Pro. Even though Apple designed its Vision Pro with no plans for VR controllers, there’s still evidence that it’s looked into something similar, thanks to a patent that’s been floating around that suspiciously looks like an updated Apple Pencil.

We already have USB-C with the Apple Pencil. Now it’s time for Vision Pro compatibility.


Prioritizing Precision

While the Vision Pro is in a completely new category for Apple, it seems like a no-brainer to use its accessories to better incorporate the headset into the existing ecosystem. It’s not like there isn’t a need for more precision when it comes to doing things in mixed reality. Take apps like AirDraw for instance, where using an Apple Pencil would feel a lot more intuitive than using your fingers.

We should also consider some more professional use cases, like if you’re hosting a virtual seminar with a whiteboard. You’d naturally reach for a marker, which the Apple Pencil already feels like. In cases where precision is crucial, like the medical field, we can see the stylus tip being a literal lifesaver.

Imagine if you had the precision of the Apple Pencil’s tip to work on medical diagrams.


Will They or Won’t They?

In the meantime, we’re still waiting for the new iPad announcement from Apple which should be scheduled for sometime in the coming weeks. Along with refreshed iPads, we’re expecting news of an updated Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard.

If Apple does decide to make its Pencil compatible with the Vision Pro, we can definitely see it as another way for Apple to convince us to buy more accessories for its already-expensive Vision Pro. Still, Apple Pencil compatibility just makes sense. There’s even the added benefit of looking just a little less silly when using the Vision Pro with a pencil, rather than pinching around the air.

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