Scott Snowden

When Scott's application to NASA's astronaut training program was turned down, he was naturally any 6-year-old boy would be. He chose instead to write as much as he possibly could about science, technology and space exploration. He lists being able to play the didgeridoo among his accomplishments and still hopes to be the first journalist in space.


Here's All You Need to Know to Watch the Perseid Meteors This Weekend

The annual meteor shower is a favorite for skywatchers in the northern hemisphere.


This Supermassive Black Hole Has 2.25 Billion Times the Mass of Our Sun

This galactic gargantua lies 100 million light-years from Earth


Newly Discovered Massive Ancient Galaxies May Shed New Light on Dark Matter

This discovery challenges what we know about the early universe.


Exoplanet's Atmosphere Is So Hot That It's Boiling Away Into Space

Its host star's gravity is warping WASP-121b into the shape of a rugby ball.


A New 3D Map Shows How the Milky Way Is Warped and Twisted

Researchers charted our galaxy on a scale bigger than ever before and they found it flares out a bit


Aliens Might Use High-Powered Lasers to Let Us Know Where They Are

SETI scientists are searching for extraterrestrial messages sent via laser beam.


LightSail 2 Successfully Soars Through Space, Propelled Only by Sunlight

"We could ferry cargo to Mars and look for signs of life, and change the course of human history."


Newly Discovered Exoplanets May Be the “Missing Link” in Formation of Planets

NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite found two Neptune-like worlds in the habitable zone


Scientist Who Found Glass Beads in Ancient Clam Shells Reveals Their "Incredible" Origin 

"They definitely weren't sand grains; they were lumpy and irregular-shaped."


Behold, the Mystery Surrounding the July 31 "Black Moon"

The event takes the form of moon-less night sky, which both inspired and frightened people of old


An Asteroid as Big as the Great Pyramid of Giza Will Whiz Past the Earth on Wednesday

The space rock is travelling at 42,840 miles per hour and weighs about 5.75 million tons


NASA Astronaut and Flight Directors Weigh in on Commercial Spaceflight

Should NASA focus more on exploring or hauling?


2024 Moon Timeline Is "Extremely Tight," Says Former NASA Flight Director

"American industry, if it gets turned on, can do just about anything."


The Final Lunar Eclipse of 2019 Showed an Orange-Hued Full Moon in the South

The partial lunar eclipse took place during the "Thunder Moon."


'For All Mankind' Apple TV+ Show: More Details and Interview With Creator

'Battlestar Galactica' creator Ronald Moore tells Inverse how he rewrote history to give Russia an edge in the space race.


Why NASA Shut Down Systems on Voyager 2 as It Soars Into Interstellar Space

We're not giving up on the nearly 42-year-old spacecraft just yet.


NASA's Exoplanet Archive Offers Amateur Astronomers Daily Discovery Updates

This resource is everything an alien world aficionado could ask for.


The 'Armstrong' Documentary Offers a Look at the Unflappable Astronaut

NASA's cream of the crop laughed in the face of danger and tweaked the nose of terror


NASA Taps SpaceX for Science Mission to Study X-Rays From Black Holes

The hidden details of some of the most exotic astronomical objects in our universe may come into greater focus.


Apollo 11 Was Seconds Away From Having to Abort the Moon Landing 

Few people know quite how close the Eagle came to never landing on the lunar surface.