Jordan Golson

Jordan Golson is a transportation reporter for Inverse. He covers cars, trains, planes, future cities, and a whole boatload of ancillary topic areas (including boats) — basically, if it moves and doesn’t go to space, he's on it. He is especially interested in the intersection of transportation and technology, which means there’s he goes deep into electric cars, autonomous vehicle tech, sensors, safety, connectivity, and similar topics. He's covered technology and transportation for more than a decade and written for more publications than he can remember. He has bylines at WIRED, The Verge, Popular Mechanics, Ars Technica, Car & Driver, Autoblog, Automobile, Popular Science, Bild, and many more. These days he also writes about EV and vehicle technology for TechRepublic, reviews cars for The North State Journal in North Carolina (and for Inverse!), and has a weekly car review newsletter on Substack. He's the recipient of several journalism awards from the Texas Auto Writers Association and the North Carolina Press Association, and is even verified on Twitter. He is passionate about furthering both manufacturer adoption of and public acceptance of in-vehicle safety technology as he believes it literally saves lives and is enthusiastic about our all-electric future while still embracing our gasoline-fueled present. He believes cars and transportation touches everyone’s lives and strives to bring a critical but understanding eye to new trends and emerging tech. But most importantly, he wants to present a human-centric view of cars to prospective buyers while keeping a sense of humor and perspective on everything he covers.

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