Jordan Golson

Jordan Golson has written about transportation and technology for more than a decade and has contributed to dozens of major publications including WIRED, The Verge, Popular Mechanics, Car & Driver, Bild, and many more. And now, Inverse!
big brother is watching
Tesla crash: Did Tesla’s stubborn refusal to install this one feature lead to a fatal accident?
Jordan Golson
Competitor systems all use something called driver monitoring to literally keep an eye on what the person behind the wheel is up to. So why doesn't Tesla?
To infinity and beyond
eVTOL: What they are, when they’ll be here, and how they’ll change travel
Jordan Golson
They may revolutionize how packages and people get from place to place.
frickin' laser beams
Airbus will use lasers to improve the worst part of flying — wifi
Jordan Golson
If The Graduate were made today, they’d say there’s a great future in lasers. Airbus seems to think so.
All the cars from the F9 trailer — and how much it costs to blow ’em up
Jordan Golson
More faster and furiouser than ever before, plus magnets!
Virtual tour: Mercedes EQS will make Tesla fanboys drool
Jordan Golson
Its futuristic design makes it seem like a starship on wheels.
Tony Stark's Off-Roader
Hummer EV: Video shows amazing Marvel-inspired user interface in action
Jordan Golson
First they designed the eyepopping screens of Wakanda. Now they’ve tackled the new Hummer.
rollin' rollin' rollin'
Scientists just reinvented the wheel: See how it works
Jordan Golson
This origami-inspired shape-shifter might change how we roll.
Chevy teases electric Silverado pickup release with impressive range promise
Jordan Golson
The 400-mile EV truck is the first mainstream electric pickup from General Motors
outta sight
Ford’s new “smart mirror” isn’t a mirror at all: See how it works
Jordan Golson
A new Ford innovation could help make streets safer and improve things for all road users — drivers, bikers, and pedestrians alike.
Cybertruck codex
Tesla Cybertruck release date, specs, price: "Doesn't look like anything else.”
Mike Brown, Nick Lucchesi and Jordan Golson
In the months since the launch, Elon Musk has ratcheted up the hype.
It's back
GMC Hummer EV: Price, release date, "WTF mode" for the colossal new electric SUV
Jordan Golson
The 830-horsepower electric supertruck sports 300 miles of range and 0-60 mph in around 3.5 seconds
Watch this Lamborghini be controlled with Amazon Alexa
Jordan Golson
You can order your Lambo to warm your tush thanks to Alexa integration.
back to the future
The Lexus LF-Z might be the future of electric cars
Jordan Golson
Lexus wants to sell more electric than gasoline vehicles by 2025. This concept is its vision for how to do it.
we don't need roads
Tesla and Rivian are battling for the next frontier in EV charging
Jordan Golson
If EVs are going to be everywhere, you're gonna need to charge them anywhere
Virgin Galactic’s newest, shiniest ship brings space tourism closer to reality
Jordan Golson
After a series of setbacks, the VSS Imagine will begin test flights as soon as this summer.
Plug Yeah
Six Tesla Cybertruck alternatives to get excited about
Jordan Golson
Musk’s battery-filled aluminum off-roader isn't the only electric truck in the works.
You need to see Volkswagen’s first real electric vehicle
Jordan Golson
The ID.4 is the first mainstream electric car from Volkswagen and it’s available at dealers now. This is everything you need to know.
ship happens
Ever Given: A giant container ship is jammed sideways in the Suez Canal
Jordan Golson
The ship is blocking all canal traffic from passing through the main shipping lane between Europe and Asia
clean airbus
Aviation’s biggest names take a critical step to make green air travel a reality
Jordan Golson
The biggest names in aviation are studying fossil-free fuel in commercial aircraft.
red rover
Tires NASA developed for the Mars rover could be on your bike soon
Jordan Golson
The secret ingredient is a "shape-memory alloy" that keeps the tire shape without all that pesky air