Jennifer Walter

Jennifer Walter is a Card Story Editor for Inverse. Prior to this, she was an editor for Discover magazine, where she covered just about every science-related topic under the sun. Her favorite stories to write usually have something to do with tech, psychology, health, or obscure history. Outside of journalism, she makes a zine with her partner called Stuck in the Middle to showcase the work of Midwestern writers and artists. She's a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she studied journalism and German. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @jenngwalter.
Hot, Hot, Hot
7 mysteries about Venus that could soon be solved
Jennifer Walter
How did this scorching planet evolve to be so different than its sister, Earth? 3 NASA and ESA missions are beginning the search for answers.
Deceptively difficult
Look: Here’s how astronauts learned to walk in space
Jennifer Walter
Spacewalks are an essential part of many missions, but it's notoriously hard to walk and work in zero-gravity environments. Here is how we got our footing.
Cannibalism and orgies: Meet the 5 animals with the weirdest sex lives
Jennifer Walter
Barbed penises, multiple vaginas, and cannibalistic mating habits: Here's the science of sex across the animal kingdom.
Up, Up and Away
Watch — China sends its first crewed mission to Tiangong space station
Jennifer Walter
A historic first for the country’s space program.
Cave Dwellers
Look — ancient cave artists used these three tools to paint in the dark
Jennifer Walter
Replicas of ancient tools shed light on how early humans made art in the darkness
Red Planet Rodeo
Mars Perseverance rover wouldn't exist without these 6 groundbreaking missions — look
Jennifer Walter
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Liftoff!
Souped-Up Snails
Look: A computer smaller than a penny solved an ecological mystery
Jennifer Walter
One of the world's smallest computers helped discover why an endangered snail species has evaded predators for so long.
Mind and Body
Brain health: 4 foods and drinks that speed up cognitive decline
Jennifer Walter
What we eat can have a significant impact on memory and brain health. Some substances to avoid include processed sugars, refined grains, and alcohol.
Dig in
These 4 superfoods are scientifically proven to boost your health
Jennifer Walter
Pour on the honey and pass the tumeric!
Nice flow
Watch this wild little waterbending robot in action
Jennifer Walter
Dubbed the hydrobot, this tiny collection of beads and magnets can hold onto puddles and ferry them across a surface
Home Sweet Home
Look: Here's the best place for humans to live on Mars
Jennifer Walter
Arcadia Planitia, located in the northern hemisphere of the red planet, holds promise as a habitable, resource-rich area for space civilizations.
Star Stuff
7 images show how our view of the Milky Way has evolved
Jennifer Walter
As technology has improved and telescopes went to space, we've taken drastically different images of the galaxy we live in.
Chew on this
Edible candy models could become the new way we learn
Jennifer Walter
A tastier and more accessible way to digest information.
Smart Snacks
8 foods that fight memory loss
Jennifer Walter
You might be eating them already.
Monkey see, monkey do
Are we done with handshakes? Not quite, according to chimps
Jennifer Walter
Shaking hands is an important social behavior in chimps, hinting at our shared evolutionary history with primates.
Mind Control
A brain-hacking technique may make prosthetics easier to control with your mind
Jennifer Walter
In a new study in Science, researchers show how providing tactile feedback — essentially the sense of touch — can dramatically improve brain-controlled prosthetics.
Orangutan teenagers share a captivating trait with human children
Jennifer Walter
A new study shows human teens and young orangutans share a key component of how they learn: By copying older role models of the same sex.
Spidey Swag
Excelsior! LEGO reveals incredible new Spider-Man Daily Bugle set
Jennifer Walter
Take our money!