Jennifer Walter

Jennifer Walter is a Card Story Editor for Inverse. Prior to this, she was an editor for Discover magazine, where she covered just about every science-related topic under the sun. Her favorite stories to write usually have something to do with tech, psychology, health, or obscure history. Outside of journalism, she makes a zine with her partner called Stuck in the Middle to showcase the work of Midwestern writers and artists. She's a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she studied journalism and German. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @jenngwalter.

Blah blah blah
Can animals mimic human speech? The science of 6 unique creatures
Jennifer Walter
We’re not the only blabbermouths.
Blood Bricks
Look: Future colonies on Mars could be made from human blood
Jennifer Walter
When combined with other materials, it makes surprisingly strong bricks.
Caveman Chic
Look: Origin of fashion illuminated by ancient tools
Jennifer Walter
That fur cape is so last season.
Eye on the sky
Supernova Requiem: Astronomers predict the reappearance of an elusive space object
Jennifer Walter
Requiem for a ... supernova?
On the defense
7 best foods for improving immunity, backed by science
Jennifer Walter
Here’s what to add to your diet to strengthen your body’s defenses.
Watch: Virtual tour of Moon's South Pole in two Earth months
Jennifer Walter
It’s cold, dark, and might hold the key to life on new worlds.
Watch: Elephants can make sounds on cue — and learn new ones
Jennifer Walter
On command, just like our pets.
Cells at Work
Watch: These artificial cells can clean up your drinking water
Jennifer Walter
No mitochondria, but still a powerhouse.
Look: Ghostly, mysterious galaxies help unlock the secrets of dark matter
Jennifer Walter
A new simulation gives insight into how ultradiffuse galaxies are formed -- an elusive type of dwarf galaxy that is notoriously tough to spot.
Not too shabby
One type of cat breed looks so "silky" for a genetic reason — study
Jennifer Walter
It starts before they even have fur.
Save the turtles
7 animals that humans brought back from the brink of extinction
Jennifer Walter
The U.S. almost lost its bald eagles — but conservation efforts have saved this species and many others.
Old and Cold
Look: NASA spots an unusual object in deep space
Jennifer Walter
Astronomers spotted an unusual brown dwarf 50 light years from Earth. It may help unlock new discoveries about others in its class.
Ancient Oasis
Look: Ancient humans crossed this unlikely path for 400,000 years
Jennifer Walter
The desert might seem like an unlikely place for early humans to settle. But to cross the Arabian Peninsula, our ancient ancestors took advantage of a fluctuating climate.
Look: 10 stunning satellite images capture Earth's constant change
Jennifer Walter
NASA's Landsat 8, the satellite that's taken thousands of incredible Earth images, is retiring soon. Here are some of its best photos through the years.
Bon Voyage
Look: Virtual tour of Orion, the spacecraft carrying humans to the Moon in 2024
Jennifer Walter
At the heart of NASA's Artemis mission, which aims to land humans on the lunar surface by 2024, is the spacecraft Orion. Here's how engineers are preparing for its maiden voyage.
Einstein Was Right
Look: Hubble captures rare Einstein Ring phenomenon
Jennifer Walter
It’s all an illusion.
Speedy Fast
Look: Fast-moving asteroid could help unlock Solar System secrets
Jennifer Walter
The asteroid 2021 PH27 was first spotted on August 13. It's speeding on a lopsided orbit past Mercury and Venus -- the fastest asteroid in the Solar System.
Powerful plants
7 foods scientifically proven to fight inflammation
Jennifer Walter
Berries, tea, tomatoes, and more.
Bad Booze
Early aging and more: 5 ways alcohol harms health
Jennifer Walter
Even moderate amounts of alcohol can cause damage to the heart, brain, and body. These recent studies help quantify the damage that booze can do, with a few caveats.
Cardiac crunch
7 foods scientifically proven to boost heart health
Jennifer Walter
Leafy greens, lean meats, nuts, and more: These tasty foods are sure to give your heart a boost, thanks to their rich vitamin and mineral components.