Card Stories by Inverse

5 ways to watch Netflix with friends -- without leaving the house
Mike Brown
Catch up on Friends with friends.
under the skin
Tik Tok's must-follow account is full of dead people
Emma Betuel
Justin Cottle, a lab director at the Institute of Human Anatomy in Utah is the face of its Tik Tok account, which has 4 million followers.
Spreading ahead
9 numbers that forecast the future of Coronavirus
Sofia Quaglia
“All predictions are important. Most predictions are wrong."
Coronavirus outbreak: top 5 handshake alternatives
Mike Brown
Shaking hands is out. What should you do instead?
10 amazing electric cars we could see in the 2020s: Cybertruck, Rivian, Hippie Van and more
Mike Brown
These high-powered performance beasts are set to stun.
Reboot Camp
The 10 weirdest pieces of tech the military is testing right now
Thor Benson
The military is always testing out new technology to eliminate enemies and keep soldiers safe, and some of these technologies are pretty odd.
The science of cooking with beer
Madeline Muzzi
Cooking with beer is tricky, but if you follow a few basic scientific laws, it can be a tasty exercise.
Earth's hungriest heroes
Introducing the Babish Culinary Universe — Earth's hungriest heroes
Jake Kleinman and Andrew "Binging with Babish" Rea
The most exciting cinematic universe isn’t the one with Captain America, Iron Man, and the big purple guy with all the jewelry. It’s the one happening on food-focused YouTube channels across the internet.
ice ice baby
A trip to Planet Wim Hof
Ali Pattillo
Is Goop-endorsed cold therapy bunk or actually restorative?
The 2020s: 20 science and tech predictions for the new decade
Inverse Staff
Here's what the future really could look like.
Mind and Body
3 harmful effects explain why vaping can damage the body
Emma Betuel
In the last two years, record numbers of teenagers started vaping. In 2019, 1.8 million more high schoolers said they picked up the habit. Now scientists are starting to understand what this means for the health of vapers.
They dead.
5 theories on why Neanderthals went extinct
Sarah Sloat
There's a reason we're the only humans left on Earth.
Singularity Awards
Top 10 aliens of the past decade in cinema
Corey Plante
The 2010s was an out-of-this-world decade for cinema. Here are all the absolute best and most memorable aliens from movies that released in the last decade.
5 things at CES that are so close to existing
David Grossman
Space tires, smart shoes, cool cars. They're not here yet but might be soon.
Top 5 most counterfeited products on Amazon
Thor Benson
Amazon has had a problem with counterfeit products for quite some time, and the company says it's ramping up efforts to fight counterfeiting. These items are the ones that are counterfeited the most.
The Games A.I. Can Win
David Grossman
It's time to face the computer
The Top 10 Genre Movies of the 2010s
Nick Lucchesi
Fifty movie critics and entertainment writers cast their ballots and out of a possible 500 points, these films received the most points in the first-ever Inverse Singularity Awards.
5 numbers that explain Nintendo's enviable position in 2020
Jen Glennon
The Japanese console-maker has rebounded spectacularly since the Wii U flopped.
10 'DOOM Eternal' survival tips we learned after playing the first three hours
Danny Paez
Doom Slayer makes a gory and glorious return.
I need my space
What would an alien Earth look like?
Passant Rabie
Scientists have been on the hunt for an alien planet that holds similarities to Earth, and out of thousands of exoplanets discovered within the past 20 years, about a dozen or so are considered Earth-like habitable planets.