Card Stories by Inverse

Test your Moon smarts with these 5 questions


How much do you know about asteroids?

Five questions to test your knowledge of these curious space rocks.

Autopsy Report

Scientists discover a new organ in the body – and it's not the first time

Human anatomy is riddled with controversies.

The Plague

What the Black Death can teach us about Covid-19

Lessons from the bubonic plague's spread through Europe can offer a roadmap for our future.

chosen family

Chimpanzee friendships are surprisingly human

Ancient Humans

Ancient humans invented new tools during a climate crisis

Faced with an unstable environment, ancient humans had to adapt.

upper cut

Watch as NASA's OSIRIS-REx punches an asteroid

On Tuesday, the spacecraft snagged a piece of the asteroid to bring back home.


Earth’s biggest extinction event, explained


Where to find all 10 Call of Duty: Warzone secret bunkers

Here's where to find all that great loot.

The Moon

You can thank the Moon for life on Earth

Holy Grail

How to unlock Excalibur in Hades in 4 easy steps

Claim the holy blade wielded by the once and future king.

Game Guides

8 Luxurious chests to find ASAP in Genshin Impact

Get going, Traveler!