Ashley Bardhan

Ashley Bardhan is a writer from New York who covers culture, technology, and other things people like.

At Inverse, she helps produce newsletters as a newsletter writer. She creates Inverse’s award-winning Inverse Daily newsletter and assists with Musk Reads, a triweekly newsletter covering all things Elon Musk.

In general, Ashley is interested in the cultural implications of art and tech, and always aims to highlight social issues in her work. Her writing has appeared in a myriad of publications, including Pitchfork, Gawker, and Vulture. She earned two BA degrees from the University of Rochester, one in Brain and Cognitive Science and the other in Creative Writing.

Ashley’s work at the school paper, the Campus Times, earned her a grant upon graduating in 2020, and, unrelatedly, she almost always has a tummy ache.

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