Andy Crump

Bostonian culture journalist Andy Crump covers the movies, beer, music, and being a dad for way too many outlets, perhaps even yours: Paste Magazine, The Playlist, Mic, Hop Culture, Polygon, and Men's Health, plus others. You can follow him on Twitter and find his collected work at his personal blog. He’s composed of roughly 65% craft beer.

The Inverse Review

Nanny is the best elevated horror debut since The Babadook

Mining horror from motherhood and the American Dream, Nanny is a reminder of the deep fears that lurk under the mundane.

The Inverse Review

Something in the Dirt is an ambitious sci-fi satire from Moon Knight’s director duo

In an age of conspiracy theories, Something in the Dirt is a blunt look at the desperate people who fall for them.

Sundance 2022

Dual review: Karen Gillan doubly stuns in the high-concept sci-fi drama

Riley Stearns' ruminative sci-fi drama pits humans against clones.

The most dazzling sci-fi movie of 2021 reveals a dark internet truth

Belle weighs the benefits the internet offers against the harm it causes.

The Inverse Review

'The Tragedy of Macbeth' reveals the biggest problem with 'Game of Thrones'

Joel Coen’s first directing gig without his brother stars Denzel Washington in a medieval epic that puts the Lannisters to shame.

Scene Stealers 2021
The Inverse Interview

The Beta Test is the most intense noir thriller of 2021

It's a terrific movie full of dry, caustic humor, paranoia, and danger.

20 years ago, 'Donnie Darko' ruined sci-fi with one tedious trick

One of the worst trends in modern movies can be traced back to Richard Kelly’s 2001 cult classic.


'Malignant' explained: What horror gets wrong about imaginary friends

'Malignant' is just the latest in a thriving horror sub-genre devoted to evil imaginary friends. Here's what these movies get right (and wrong) about having an invisible buddy.


The most enchanting sci-fi movie of 2021 reveals a lasting scientific debate

What if an actual “cryptozoo” existed? The ethics of putting a bigfoot in a zoo are more complicated than you think.