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Bostonian culture journalist Andy Crump covers the movies, beer, music, and being a dad for way too many outlets, perhaps even yours: Paste Magazine, The Playlist, Mic, Hop Culture, Polygon, and Men's Health, plus others. You can follow him on Twitter and find his collected work at his personal blog. He’s composed of roughly 65% craft beer.


A Promising Zoë Kravitz Sci-Fi Thriller Never Got the Sequel It Wanted, but It Remains Intriguing

If nothing else, there’s a lesson here about not spending too much time looking to the future.


The Most Timely Sci-Fi Epic is Impossible to Find in the US

Wonderful Days, or Sky Blue, is an overlooked mid-aughts anime that feels all-too prescient.

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How James DeMonaco Created the Smartest Horror Franchise of the Century

From gun control to politics, The Purge always has something important to say if you’re willing to listen.

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How the 'Evil Dead Rise' Director Brought “Psychological Warfare” to Evil Dead

Lee Cronin has been ready to make the mother of all possession movies.

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In 2009, Nicolas Cage Made an Insane Yet Thoughtful Thriller

Sometimes, Cage’s manic energy is channeled for good.


10 Years Later, 'Upstream Color' Is An Uncomfortable Look at Manipulation and Justice

Shane Carruth was supposed to be the next sci-fi darling. He wasn’t.

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'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' Should Have Been the Future of Blockbusters

No one knew what to make of a spectacle so dizzying it requires multiple viewings to absorb.


'Furies' Brings a Ferocious New Level of Violence to the Revenge Prequel

Veronica Ngô’s headshots put John Wick to shame.


'Only the Good Survive' Breathes Roguish New Life Into the Crime Thriller

It would be a crime to overlook this indie gem.


'Brooklyn 45' Makes the Spooky Séance Thriller Personal

Ted Geoghegan’s third feature is a spiritual love letter to his father.


'Late Night with the Devil' Injects New Life into Found-Footage Horror

The demonic horror movie is a brilliant new take on the mockumentary.


Ghostface With a Gun? Why 'Scream 6' Isn't Breaking Any Slasher Rules

Scream is not the first slasher film to bring guns to stabfests.

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Christopher Landon Has a Ghost

“I'm not just the low-budget horror guy.”


Everyone Compared 'Joker' to 'The King of Comedy.' Scorsese’s Film is Still Far Better.

If you've only seen the Hot Topic knockoff, it's high time you watched the original.

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Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls is a cringe comedy as overlong as its title

Your mileage may vary.

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Talk to Me unleashes a gruesome ghost story on the TikTok generation

In the Philippou brothers’ kinetic horror movie, ghostly possession goes viral.

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'Polite Society' Breaks the Mold for the Coming-of-Age Movie

Nida Manzoor’s feature directorial debut kicks ass.

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Animalia is an alien invasion movie with metaphysical dreams

Sofia Alaoui’s Animalia is confounding, cosmic, and wonderful.

Bulletproof Nothing to Lose

Is the artificial intelligence in M3GAN a real threat?

She is titanium.

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You need to watch the sexiest sci-fi thriller of all time on Amazon Prime ASAP

When you ask Hell for help in the bedroom, you better mean it.