Ali Pattillo

Ali is a health and science reporter based in New York City. Previously, Ali covered health at CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. She graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2019 and Dartmouth College in 2017.
Peak performance
Workout hacks: Ultramarathon study reveals what actually boosts performance
Ali Pattillo
"The sports drink is not a panacea."
Let's talk about sex, baby
One "underreported” issue may be ruining the sex lives of almost half the population
Ali Pattillo
"This is a wake-up call."
shots shots shots
The best alcohol to drink on a diet, according to science
Ali Pattillo
Drinking doesn't have to sabotage your health goals, if you do it right.
Yo-yo uh oh
Fruit-fly study reveals the "hidden costs" of intermittent fasting
Ali Pattillo
Yo-yo dieting takes an unexpected toll on health, a new study suggests.
Just keep swimming
Study of 2,935 men reveals one diet may solve the "infertility crisis"
Ali Pattillo
"Your sperm is what you eat."
Back to school
Mortality rate by education level? Chart shows where people end up
Ali Pattillo
Staying in school could add years to your life, a new study suggests.
Pancakes please
Loading up during this one meal could boost weight loss, study suggests
Ali Pattillo
The scientific debate over breakfast continues.
Eat like the Greeks
Eating one type of food can hijack gut microbes to ward off aging's deadliest diseases
Ali Pattillo
A single diet switch could benefit both your body and mind — and help extend a healthy life.
The brain of a lifelong bully looks different than the general population's
Ali Pattillo
People with lifelong antisocial behavior may share neurological commonalities, a new brain-scan study shows.
Beat it
Why the benefits of "binaural beats" may be bunk
Ali Pattillo
These "digital drugs" have limited effects, new study shows.
survival skills
Coronavirus outbreak: Debunking 5 myths about the disease
Ali Pattillo
We’re focused on the wrong outbreak, an infectious disease expert says.
Get sum
The love calculator: How many dates does it take to find the "one"?
Ali Pattillo
Use math to hack your love life.
Pop Culture
The sugar tax has had a surprising effect on soda companies
Ali Pattillo
Tax avoidance may have an unexpectedly healthy silver-lining.
Monkey brains
A tiny area of the brain may enable consciousness, says "exhilarating" study
Ali Pattillo
Scientists examine the "engine for consciousness."
Home is where the brain is
"Stroke Belt" hometowns affect brain health for life — study
Ali Pattillo
New data reveals a troubling trend across the Southeast.
Taijin-kyofusho = 😳
Brain scan study links social anxiety to an empathy "imbalance"
Ali Pattillo
You may not have heard of taijin-kyofusho, but you might have felt it.
Sweat science
Can you really sweat out THC? The science behind exercise and weed
Ali Pattillo
Exercising before a drug test may not be a good idea.
Feeling blue
Study: Viagra may have devastating consequences for one vital human function
Ali Pattillo
Unexpected side effects are linked to the little blue pill.
Mind and Body
2 types of people who rarely watch porn think they are addicted to porn
Ali Pattillo
Self-perceptions of porn use don't always reflect reality.
Talk to me, baby
This parenting life hack can boost babies’ language skills — study
Ali Pattillo
"It’s not just about the words.”