Ali Pattillo

Ali is a health and science reporter based in New York City. Previously, Ali covered health at CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. She graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2019 and Dartmouth College in 2017.


Covid-19 misinformation: Doctors reveal the other pandemic we're losing

Oncologist and science communicator Shikha Jain shares what it's like to spread basic scientific facts, and face harassment, bullying, and threats online.

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5 Netflix nature documentaries that will get you through winter

Your brain wants to be outside. Trick it with these films.


4 essential strategies to reboot your life in 2021

Self-improvement is an inside job. Here's how to start.

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Lab-grown human muscle is teaching us how to live longer

Researchers discover exercise can counteract the toll of chronic inflammation.


Will the national mask mandate stop Covid-19? What scientists predict

Public health experts say Biden's national mask mandate is both symbolic and practically meaningful in fighting Covid-19.

Spiritual science

Study finds 2 psychological factors influence supernatural encounters

"What we experience is shaped by how we pay attention."


Music gives the brain a crucial connective advantage

"We can change the way our brains are wired."


Why do our minds wander? Brain study shows benefits of daydreaming

Researchers outline the cognitive benefits of daydreaming, developing a way to detect different trains of thought in the brain.


Covid-19 could pose a “global threat” to male fertility — study

Emerging evidence suggests "the possibility of testicular damage due to Covid-19."


Are depression and intelligence related? Scientists say the answer is in our genes

Scientists combed through a massive genetic dataset and discovered depression and intelligence have a "dual relationship," with mixed effects.


Studies show 1 brain hack can stop addiction cold

Why curiosity may be the antidote to addiction.

Longevity Hacks

Landmark study reveals 1 factor links gut health and long life

Microbiome researchers find the strongest links to date connecting diet, gut health, and disease.

Sweater weather

Winter workouts: 6 benefits of exercising in cold weather

Scientists explain why cold weather can supercharge exercise's physiological and mental benefits — if you do it safely.


Gut microbiome imbalances influence the likelihood of 'long-Covid'

New research suggests gut microbiome disturbances may influence Covid-19 severity.


"Mom's spaghetti": 3 studies show how to use stress for good

Research shows how you think about stress influences your body's response to it.

Breathe in

Covid-19 oxygen shortages: Where are they and why are they happening?

With dwindling hospital beds and weary workers, health systems face another limited resource: oxygen to keep patients alive.

Longevity hack

To physically age slower, show some self-control

For healthy aging, self-control appears to be an "active ingredient."

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Why a specific view of masculinity gave rise to Trump — study

Political action can be unconsciously swayed by one pivotal belief system.


How to avoid a dangerous mental side effect of sitting

Prolonged sitting hurts the body, but how does it influence the mind?