PlayStation 5: Everything We Know So Far

With its long-awaited reveal event held on June 11, 2020 Sony’s PlayStation 5 kicked off the next generation of console games. Sony has repeatedly stated in official messaging about PS5 that the console will release in "Holiday 2020." In retail terms, that often implicitly centers around Christmas Day on December 25. However, this vague target for the console's release often more accurately means that the PS5 will be available for purchase as a high-profile gift before the Christmas holidays. We expect to see the new console drop sometime from mid-November to early December to take advantage of the holiday shopping season.

PS5 backward compatibility: Patent hints at Sony's bold new strategy
Danny Paez
Could this be Sony's answer to the Xbox Series X's robust backward compatibility?
'Last of Us 3,' 'Uncharted 5,' and 1 more PS5 game Naughty Dog may make next
Tomas Franzese
Naughty Dog job listings hint that development on the studio's next big single-player project after 'The Last of Us Part II' has already begun. Here are 3 games Naughty Dog might do next.
Play as anyone
'Watch Dogs: Legion' leaks: Screenshots hint at wacky drunken gameplay
Tomas Franzese
Watch Dogs: Legion screenshots have been leaked ahead of Ubisoft Forward, teasing the wacky skills of the people players can recruit.
i see you
'Resident Evil 8' PS5 release date, trailer, characters in Capcom's next survival horror
Danny Paez
Hello darkness, my old friend.
'GTA 6' release date: What Rockstar's rumored VR game means for the sequel
Tomas Franzese
Rockstar is cooking up something else, but could it all be related?
'Assassin's Creed Valhalla' leaked gameplay has fans worried for 1 reason
Tomas Franzese
Assassin's Creed Valhalla gameplay has leaked ahead of Ubisoft Forward, and fans are disappointed.
'Outriders' character customization depth is like 'Mass Effect' on steroids
Tomas Franzese
Check out Inverse's Q&A with the Director and Lead Narrative Designer of Outriders.
Best PS4 games 2020: 11 releases that deserve their hype
Just Lunning
From exclusives like 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' to multiplatform titles like 'Nioh 2', here's a look at some of the biggest games coming to the Sony PlayStation 4 this year.
Class Time
'Outriders' Pyromancer gameplay: Devs tease a sci-fi Fire Mage's mad power
Tomas Franzese
Flamey-o hotman!
PS5 leaks: New VR patent hints at a "feature" you'll want to turn off
Danny Paez
Could better hardware mean more ads?
PS5 games: One launch title's been hiding in plain sight for 6 years
Tomas Franzese
Developer Young Horses teased its quirky followup to Octodad all the way back in 2014.
Xbox Series X release date, price, specs & games for Microsoft's new console
Danny Paez
Halo-heads are going to be stoked.
'Harry Potter' game release date, leaks, and more for the open-world RPG
Tomas Franzese
Details on the release window, platforms, story, and more have been leaked.
'Cyberpunk 2077' screenshots: the stunning beauty of Night City in 9 images
Tomas Franzese
Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in a stunning and immensely detailed metropolis called Night City, and these screenshots show its detailed beauty.
sequel speculation
‘Last of Us 3’ release date, DLC, story, and more for a potential sequel
Just Lunning
Could a third Last of Us game really happen?
'Cyberpunk 2077' demo impressions: Customizable genitals and 3 more details
Tomas Franzese
Select members of the press were able to experience a demo for the game. Here's what we learned.
Inverse Codex
'Cyberpunk 2077' release date, trailer, plot, everything to know
Allie Gemmill, Eric Francisco and Danny Paez
From its release date delays to every last leak, here's what we know about your next big time sink.
'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' release date and plot for the PS5 launch title
Danny Paez
It's the biggest PS5 launch title Sony has announced so far.
PS5 leaks: Patent may reveal Sony's answer to a killer Xbox feature
Danny Paez
Sony is taking a hint from Microsoft's playbook for this next-gen feature.
Game Guides
'Last of Us 2' Rat King guide: How to beat the hospital boss in Ground Zero
Tomas Franzese
You're gonna need to move fast and hit hard. Here's how to send this creep packing.