These Violent Delights

Who is Christina in 'Westworld' Season 4? Evan Rachel Wood explains her "new" character

Though they may share the same physical attributes and actor, Christina is an entirely different character from Dolores. Here's what's really happening in 'Westworld' Season 4.

The Inverse Review

Westworld Season 4 fixes the worst thing about Season 3 — but is it too late?

Freeze all motor functions — and then dash to your TV. Westworld Season 4 is upon us.


5 incredible sci-fi movies leaving HBO Max in June 2022

“Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you? There are no answers, only choices.”

We Know Nothing (Yet)

Game of Thrones sequel could ruin the best part of the series finale

Jon Snow’s retired life may be more exciting than we thought. But is that a good thing?

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30 years ago, Tim Burton made the sexiest and most sinister superhero movie

Modern superhero movies do many things well, but they rarely feature erotic licking anymore.

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You need to watch Chris Hemsworth’s best military thriller before it leaves HBO Max this week

This 2018 war movie will only be streaming on HBO Max until June 9.

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You need to watch Charlize Theron's most underrated action thriller before it leaves HBO Max this week

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Dune: Part Two release date, cast, and plot for the epic sci-fi sequel

Here is everything you need to know about the sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune.

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6 fantastic sci-fi movies leaving HBO Max in May 2022

“This is my boomstick!”

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20 years ago, Pierce Brosnan made the most tragically misunderstood horror movie ever

In 1992, one sci-fi movie pushed the boundaries of digital effects. But, it wasn’t only a technological achievement.

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Is The Staircase a true story? What the HBO show gets right and wrong

Just how true is this true crime drama?

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You need to watch M. Night Shyamalan's most divisive thriller on HBO Max ASAP

More than the meme it was reduced to, M. Night Shyamalan’s surreal thriller is worth another look.

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You need to watch the most subversive sci-fi sequel on HBO Max ASAP

This ambitious 2021 blockbuster is a scathing critique of modern-day Hollywood.

The Rules of Time Travel

How Time Traveler's Wife became TV’s most intimate time-travel show

The team behind The Time Traveler’s Wife share what makes the HBO sci-fi drama so personal.