Musk Reads: Tesla Model S and X refresh leaked

Tesla Cybertruck may receive a new metal and more details emerge about the Tesla minibus. Who will receive the Autopilot rewrite?

Tesla Cybertruck may receive a new metal and more details emerge about the Tesla minibus. Who will receive the Autopilot rewrite? It’s Musk Reads: Tesla Edition #188.

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  • Read more about Musk confirming the Tesla Cybertruck’s alloy will change as SpaceX experiments with changing alloy constituents.


The Tesla Model S and X are set for an update, Electrek revealed this week. The project, dubbed “Palladium,” is expected to focus on new drivetrains and battery modules. Musk has already confirmed that Tesla will host two events this year, with the first related to the battery and the second to the powertrain. The “Palladium” project is expected to serve as the basis for previously announced “Plaid” updates to the two vehicles. Sources have also suggested there could be a new body for the vehicles on the way. It’s unclear whether these updates will also debut the Model 3-like interior, previously leaked by Electrek in July 2018.

The Tesla second master plan celebrated its fourth birthday this week. Inverse took a look back at how the firm is progressing on its four goals: solar roof, expanding the electric car lineup, autonomy, and car sharing. While it’s made good progress on the first two, the latter two seem far from completion. There’s plenty of time left, though, as the first master plan lasted 10 years for Tesla. Read more.

What’s next for Tesla: Tesla is scheduled to release its second-quarter 2020 earnings on July 22 at 2:30 p.m. Pacific time.

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Tesla’s planned 12-person vehicle, designed for The Boring Company’s projects, is expected to differ from concepts circulated in 2017. Musk confirmed that the vehicle, expected to offer seating for 12 plus luggage, will not focus on standing space for safety and speed. Musk made the announcement while sharing concept art of the upcoming Las Vegas project’s station. Read more.

Tesla may be eligible to enter the S&P 500 soon, but CNBC notes that it’s not guaranteed. If Tesla posts a profit during its second quarter earnings, it would mean four consecutive quarters of profitability. That would clear the way for Tesla to join the index, but the final decision would come down to the index committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

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Jiri Dvorak writes:

With the recent announcement by Elon Musk, indicating that the core of the Autopilot software is being rewritten in 2020 / 2021, a question comes up: Will the rewritten Autopilot still work on existing Model 3 and Model Y hardware, deployed via auto-update, or will it work only for new models, manufactured in 2021 and later?

Never say never, but here’s what we know: Tesla has promised since October 2016 that vehicles fitted with the new suite of cameras and sensors would one day support full autonomous driving. The company has also successfully upgraded older vehicles with more powerful computers under the name “Hardware 3,” giving them more computing power in a bid to take over more of the driving. Musk also said in April 2019 that the team is working on a future “Hardware 4” computer upgrade. Musk expects to be able to release the Autopilot rewrites in the next two to four months. Based on all this, it would therefore be very surprising if it was not compatible with older vehicles that can otherwise host the latest in-car processors.

Stephen Russell writes:

Love the Model V e-plane. It does need bigger cockpit for 2–4 passengers and cargo bay, winch? Markets for MedEvac, rescue, SAR, cargo, tourism, mapping.

The Tesla Model V concept produced by British industrial designer Tom Abbot-Davies, previously featured in Musk Reads #182, offers an exciting glimpse into the future of flying machines. Perhaps Tesla of the future could go beyond the master plan and cover more than just ground-based transport.

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Space wrapped Model S.

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