Musk Reads: Tesla Battery Day livestream coming

Tesla Cybertruck concepts revealed and Model Y could boost battery range with a new addition. What about electric jets?

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Tesla Cybertruck concepts revealed and Model Y could boost battery range with a new addition. What about electric jets? It’s Musk Reads: Tesla Edition #152.

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Musk quote of the week

“Congratulations Giga NY team!”


Tesla’s planned company event will get a livestream, Musk revealed Wednesday. The company is expected to host an event in April at its Giga New York factory, where it may announce updates to its powertrain and battery technologies. Musk’s confirmation suggests the company still plans to host the event despite the coronavirus outbreak.

Tesla is remaining open despite the coronavirus pandemic, an email to employees seen by Bloomberg revealed Monday. Musk explained that “if you feel the slightest bit ill or even uncomfortable, please do not feel obligated to come to work,” but confirmed he would continue to go to work. Electrek reported Wednesday that the company’s Fremont factory is still operational, despite an order from the Sheriff. Last week, Musk described the coronavirus “panic” as “dumb,” comments that were criticized by health experts.

The Tesla Model Y could boost its battery range thanks to a new heat pump. The new compact sedan features a means of transferring hot air around the vehicle. It could help owners use less energy to heat the car in winter, adding range to the battery. Read more.

Tesla solar

Tesla reached a key solar roof milestone this week after it successfully produced enough tiles for 1,000 homes last week. The milestone makes good on a goal outlined by CEO Elon Musk in October 2019. The company produced four megawatts of solar panels, suggesting that the figure assumes each home would use around four kilowatts of panels. Read more.

In other Tesla news…

The Tesla Cybertruck has been pictured in a series of impressive new concepts. British car leasing comparison site LeaseFetcher pictured the vehicle in pizza delivery, ambulances, and more. Read more.

What’s next for Tesla: Tesla is set to break ground on Giga Berlin in the second half of March, minister of economics Jörg Steinbach claimed in a recent interview. Tesla received permission to clear the forest last month, a decision that was suspended by an urgent lawsuit and then reinstated. Tesla has cleared around 90 hectares in the first phase of construction. When asked on Twitter whether he would attend the groundbreaking ceremony, Musk declared “definitely.”

Musk Reads mailroom

Laverne Smith writes:

At the age of 88, the #1 wish on my Bucket List is to drive a Tesla. I can’t afford to buy one, as much as I’d like to, but maybe just around the block. Is there a place where I could do just that? I recently renewed my license for six years, haven’t had an accident or ticket in over 60 years. #2 on my list is to go zip-lining somewhere! I’d have to go to Ireland for #3….

Test drives are absolutely available for those with a valid driver’s license, and there’s no appointment needed. Ziplining I’ve never done, but I highly recommend Ireland!

Rhys Lee writes:

With a battery that can last a million miles, would that mean electric planes could finally be a thing?

Unfortunately, there are bigger roadblocks to an electric jet. A battery with a total lifespan of 1 million miles would indeed be useful for electric car longevity, but Musk has previously explained how the biggest barrier to electric jets is the battery density. While many electric cars have batteries measuring 250 watt-hours per kilogram, the ideal battery would need to measure 500 watt-hours per kilogram. Maxwell Technologies, Tesla’s recent acquisition, could offer a solution.

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Video of the week

Tesla releases a killer new video to mark the start of Model Y deliveries.

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The ultra-fine print

This has been Musk Reads: Tesla Edition #152, the weekly rundown of essential reading about futurist and entrepreneur Elon Musk. I’m Mike Brown, an innovation journalist for Inverse.

A version of this article appeared in the “Musk Reads” newsletter. Sign up for free here.

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