Kia EV6 release date, price, specs, and more for the futuristic EV

The new Korean EV looks like a 300-mile electric spaceship for the road.

The EV6 is simultaneously a futuristic and eminently contemporary new electric car.

It looks like something out of I, Robot, or Minority Report, but it also feels like something that could easily fit in on the roads of New York or San Francisco (which it will, in a few months).

Based on Kia and Hyundai’s E-GMP platform, the EV6 will be available in sporty rear-wheel-drive or dual-motor all-wheel-drive. Thanks to the new flat-floor design, there’s a huge amount of passenger room, and the 114.2-inch wheelbase is equivalent to the enormous three-row Kia Telluride SUV.

Even more exciting is the 576-horsepower GT version that’ll rocket the EV6 from 0-60 MPH faster than you can say “wait, are Kias good now?” Yes, indeed they are. And this one is super exciting.

Here’s everything you need to know about the EV6, from price and specs to range and charging time.

They call the EV6 a crossover, but it really looks like a tall hatchback.Kia

How fast can I charge the Kia EV6?

This is where the EV6, like its Hyundai Ioniq sibling, really shines. Kia seems laser-focused on increasing charging speeds, which could — if the public charging networks can keep up — make EV ownership far, far less onerous:

  • The car supports both 800-volt and 400-volt charging.
  • On an ultra-fast 350-kilowatt charger, the EV6 can charge its 77.4 kWh battery pack from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. That’s a gain of nearly 210 miles.
  • It can pick up as much as 68 miles of range in five minutes if you only have time for a top-up.
  • The 11 kW onboard charger can fill the larger battery on a residential Level 2 charger in a little under 7 hours with a 240v, 40-amp charger.

You can also uncharge the EV6 with an adapter that lets the charge port run in reverse. It can provide up to 1.9 kW of juice via a standard 120-volt power outlet. One can use the EV6's two-way port for camping or tailgating, or it can even provide an emergency charge to another stranded electric car.

From a full charge, the EV6 can draw power for more than 36 hours. (It charges another car at 1.1kW.) That’s not fast, but it could be enough to get your stranded buddy back on the road.

What’s the battery range of the Kia EV6?

Kia targets a maximum range of 300 miles, though it will depend on the exact configuration. Kia hasn’t shared the exact range of each variant of the EV6, but there are two battery and three motor options, so it’ll vary based on your set-up. (Specs for individual models are not out yet as of July 22, 2021, and will be coming at a later date.)

The EV6 can charge at up to 350 kWh (at a compatible charger), meaning lightning-fast charges.Kia

How much horsepower and torque does the Kia EV6 have?

There are four different versions of the EV6, each with different specs:

  • RWD: 58.0 kWh battery with a 160kW rear motor yields 167 horsepower
  • RWD: 77.4 kWh battery with a 160kW rear motor yields 225 horsepower
  • AWD: 77.4 kWh battery with a 70kW front motor and a 160kW rear motor yields 320 total horsepower
  • AWD: 77.4 kWh battery with a 160kW front motor and a 270kW rear motor yields 576 total horsepower — this is the GT version.

Torque numbers have not been shared.

What’s the 0-60 time of the Kia EV6?

The GT version of the EV6, with the 160kW front motor and 270kW rear motor making 576 horsepower, is the speedster of the group. Kia says it’ll make the 0-60 MPH run in less than 3.5 seconds.

The interior of the EV6 is bathed in colored lighting and two large screens, and the center command console floats above a cavernous storage space between the two front seats.Kia

Is the Kia EV6 self-driving?

It’s not self-driving, but it has many active and passive features to keep you safe.

It has 21 standard safety features, according to Kia, including a litany of different acronyms.

The company’s press release lists them all out, but here are the big ones:

  • Blindspot avoidance assist: The car can detect vehicles in the lane next to you and can brake the car’s outer wheel to pull the EV6 away from it if a collision might be imminent.
  • Automatic emergency braking: If you’re about to crash into something (a wall, pedestrians, other cars), the car will try to brake to avoid the crash entirely or at least lessen the severity of the impact.
  • Automatic high beams

It’s equipped with the next generation of Kia’s Highway Driving Assist II technology that combines adaptive cruise control with active lane centering to reduce the stress of driving. It’s not permanently hands-free like GM’s Super Cruise or Ford’s BlueCruise, but it will significantly reduce the amount of work a driver needs to do.

It uses rear-facing radar to make sure that vehicles aren’t coming up on the vehicle from behind when it’s parked, and it will proactively lock the doors and prevent kids (or parents) from flinging open the rear doors if a car or bicycle is about to pass.

What is the Kia EV6 release date?

The Kia EV6 will begin deliveries in January 2022 in all 50 states, with the performance-oriented GT model coming in late 2022.

The EV6 has both rear- and all-wheel-drive variants, and there are two different battery options.Kia

What’s the price of the Kia EV6?

Full pricing was not shared, though the limited-run, fully-loaded EV6 First Edition was priced at $58,500. That makes it competitive with similar EVs like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Volkswagen ID.4. The base model will likely be closer to $45,000 before a $7,500 federal tax break and any state incentives are applied.

How can I pre-order the Kia EV6?

The initial run of 1,500 First Edition EV6 cars has all been reserved, but it’s possible to join the waitlist on Kia’s website with a refundable $100 deposit. Likely, everyone on the EV6 First Edition waitlist who can’t get a First Edition will be converted into standard EV6 orders.

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