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Armor Wars leak reveals a surprising new Avengers team-up

If the rumors are true, then Armor Wars may be the start of something new in the MCU.

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Echo: 'Hawkeye’s new villain could confirm a huge Netflix-Marvel crossover

Could a familiar face appear in the new series?

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Hawkeye: ‘Rogers the Musical’ makes Marvel’s best meme even better

It’s Agatha All Along meets Asgardian theatre.

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All the comics references in the Hawkeye trailer

The series takes heavy inspiration from a fan-favorite comic.

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Who is Kate Bishop? Echo, Yelena, and Hawkeye’s cast, explained

Marvel’s new class of heroes — and villains.


Hawkeye: 12 incredible moments from the new Marvel trailer

Clint Barton never misses...

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Hawkeye release date spells bad news for Ms. Marvel

2021 is suddenly getting very crowded with Disney+ shows.


Hawkeye leaks reveal Marvel’s plan for a fan-favorite Netflix villain

Is Kingpin coming to the MCU?

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Black Widow post-credits: Why does [SPOILER] want to kill that MCU hero?

One unlucky Avenger has a major target on their back now.

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Black Widow’s ending is hiding an Infinity War Easter egg in plain sight

The ending of Black Widow bridges Natasha’s journey between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Here’s how.


Avengers: Endgame’s most dangerous character could make a Disney+ comeback

Jeremy Renner is teasing something interesting on his Instagram page. Are we in for the return of Ronin in the MCU?


Marvel's Avengers Future Imperfect update fulfills last year's promises

The game’s best update yet is a sign of better things to come.