Xbox Series X restock: GameStop, Target, and more February 2021 inventory

The Xbox Series X hunt is only getting harder.

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With every Xbox Series X restock update comes more bad news. Last time Inverse checked in, Microsoft confirmed that console scarcity would continue until at least April. Only a week later and the company has updated that estimate, saying that the sporadic restocks could last through June.

For anyone who's hoping to get an Xbox Series X, that's terrible news. It's already next to impossible to track one down as restocks happen at random and last for minutes at a time. It's more imperative than ever to stay up to date on the latest news if you're hoping to get a new Xbox in 2021. Here's everything you'll need to know to stay one step ahead of the game this Winter.

Popfindr, Octoshop, and other tools to find Xbox Series X consoles

We always have to start with the most crucial piece of advice: tracking. You simply have to track restocks with various digital tools to have any hope at all.

Whether you follow Twitter accounts that post updates or download some Google Chrome extensions that keep track of restocks for you, it's crucial to have some sort of system in place to get a console. Both of those routes offer an equally effective way to find an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console the second they are back in stock. When it comes to tracking tools, PopFindr is a must. If you're planning to pick a console up in person, the extension helps you see the inventory at local stores.

OctoShop is another must-have extension if you're looking to buy online. It's location-based and frequently checks several retailers, so it's a powerful tool for getting the jump on restocks. When it comes to Twitter accounts, you'll want to set notifications on @Wario64, who consistently tweets when new consoles become available (he posts plenty of great gaming deals too). The Stock Informer Discord channel can also be a useful tracking resource as well. Try one of those options or combine a few to maximize your searching efforts.


Target continues to be the retailer to watch heading into 2021. After rumors circulated that console restocks were planned late last year, a major refresh happened in December giving players hope. At the time, Twitter users have been sharing screenshots of their successful Series X orders, which were supposedly available for in-store pick-up.

The retailer was quiet for a full month until January 21, when it got a big refresh. Then it started February off with a band, dropping consoles on Tuesday, February 2 at around 8:00 AM ET. You may need to be an early riser to catch one here, so stake out the Series X and Series S pages for updates and brew a cup of coffee.


You've probably heard of this little company called GameStop in the past week or so. Well, it isn't just great for stock memes; it's a great way to find an Xbox too! GameStop has sporadically added console bundles to the website, where players can grab a console with some games or extra controllers packed in. Those deals tend to be an intimidating price, but that means they’re usually online a little longer. If the upfront investment isn’t a problem, it’s worth going that route to save yourself a headache.

GameStop had its last refresh on January 21. They're on a similar cycle to Target, so a refresh seems imminent. You'll want to set up some tracking on them right away, as they tend to be neck and neck with other retailers. That might be your best shot yet!

Microsoft Store

If you truly want an Xbox console, the Microsoft Store continues to be a reliable way to track one down. Microsoft sells consoles through its online storefront for Windows and Xbox and has put out new consoles frequently since launch. The last round of systems went up on Monday, January 25 at around 10:30 p.m. ET, which is the polar opposite end of the time spectrum from retailers like Target.

The main catch to order from here is that the Microsoft Store’s shipping can tend to be a little slower than other retailers. The flipside to that is that your order isn't likely to get cancelled, like it might at other retailers. Still, it's a reliable way to find one so you'll want to heavily monitor the official Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S store pages.


In recent months, Antonline has become a power player in the console restock game. The relatively unknown retailer has become one of the best sources for getting a new console and it continues to deliver while sites like Amazon struggle. Because it isn't a well-known retailer as the Microsoft Store or Walmart, there's often less competition when orders go up. Antonline generally sells bundles at an increased price. Most recently, an Xbox Series X bundle went up on Wednesday, January 27, so it seems like their restocks weren't just a one-off thing. We recommend staking out their Xbox landing page for more updates.


As the biggest retailer in North America, Walmart has frequently restocked Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles since the launch in November. Even though they aren't selling consoles in stores anymore, the Series X last showed up online on January 21. That's more recently than a lot of other major retailers, making them one of the bigger names to watch. Generally, Walmart tends to give a heads up when consoles go on sale, so you'll want to stake out its social media accounts.

In general, Walmart is fairly consistent when it comes to restocks, so if you had to pick one bigger name to follow alongside Target, this would be the way to go. Make sure to set up alerts on the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S pages if you want to stay on top of it.

Best Buy

While most retailers got their big Xbox Series X or Series S restocks on January 21, Best Buy's came one day later. The refresh included some bundles with extra goodies added in. While Best Buy is a great retailer to watch, consoles tend to sell out particularly fast there. It's very possible we see a restock in early February judging by other retailer's timelines.

While there are no official details, Best Buy usually announces restocks beforehand to give buyers advance notice of only a few hours. The retailer has even provided slight time windows in the past. Fans previously got a heads up that systems would be available after 9 a.m. Eastern during one wave, so it’s worth keeping an eye on its social channels for updates like that.


Amazon is frankly one of the hardest ways to find a new console. The Series X and Series S appear to pop up at random and just as quickly come down with no consistent way to track them. The site also has a bunch of regional variants, which can add some confusion when trying to track.

For example, Amazon U.K. had a restock on Wednesday, January 27, but other regions didn't appear to get one. Whenever Amazon orders go up, it's a blink and you miss it rush. If you're going to go the Amazon route, just be ready to pull the trigger the second you see it.


Newegg has been a surprisingly good way to find an Xbox since it launched. Like GameStop, the retailer tends to put up larger bundles that feature games and extras. Newegg's last refresh came on January 21, alongside most major retailers. That means that an early February restock is very possibly coming soon. It’s worth setting up alerts on the Xbox Series X and Series S pages to make sure you don’t miss a less competitive rush at a less popular retailer.

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