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Will Call of Duty be an Xbox exclusive?

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Halo Infinite shop update finally brings back the coveted Anubis Armor

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Look: Xbox-inspired nail polish collaboration in 14 gorgeous images

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Halo Infinite shop update adds Blacksteel Katana for the Tenrai event

Enter a “Meditative State” by following the “Enlightened Path.”

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8 incredible games coming to Xbox Game Pass in January 2022

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10 best Xbox Game Pass games to play with family

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Halo Infinite shop adds Mister Chief, A259, and Snow Bird bundles

There’s Mister Chief, and then there’s Mister Chief.

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Final Fantasy 16 release date, trailer, and story for the PS5 timed exclusive

We’ll hear more in spring 2022.


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New Halo Infinite shop update adds cat ears and more oddities

Cat ears and pizza headline this week’s store update.

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You need to play 2021’s most chill platformer on Xbox Game Pass ASAP

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2021’s best exploration game makes relaxation thrilling

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