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Watch Dogs: Legion leaked feature lets you play as a drunk football fan

Watch Dogs: Legion screenshots have been leaked ahead of Ubisoft Forward, teasing the wacky skills of the people players can recruit.

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest Ubisoft game to suffer a leak ahead of Ubisoft Forward, following both the first-person battle royale game Hyper Scape and the Viking-centric Assassin's Creed Valhalla, which have also suffered major leaks.

The leaked screenshots give a glimpse at the various different characters that players can recruit for their cause around London, and some of their abilities are genuinely comical.

What leaked? The screenshots were first posted on Reddit on July 7 by a user named Joelioio. While his post has since been taken down by Ubisoft, the screenshots survived on Eurogamer. All three screenshots focus on a recruitable character found in Watch Dogs: Legion's rendition of London, each of which has useful abilities for different situations.

In Watch Dogs Legion, players can recruit almost every character they come across.


What do the leaks show? The three images all highlight recruitable characters in Watch Dogs: Legion. For context, this new game doesn't feature a singular protagonist like Adrian Pierce from the first game; Instead, players can go around London and recruit new members, including old grandmas. Each character has special skills and abilities, and these leaked screenshots show what some of those are.

The first leaked character is a Correctional Officer named Margareta Dragoescu. She hasn't been recruited yet, so the image shows her daily routine and some of her special skills like accessing the Police Station, using a Baton, and being able to bail out captured team members. Next, there's Brian Casey, a super-spy with a silenced MP9 pistol, a watch that can jam enemy weapons, and a Spy Car that can fire missiles and cloak itself.

Both of those characters look pretty cool, but the third character has one of the funniest abilities. Phil Ahuja is described as a "football hooligan" and has a rallying cry that call friends into a fight, and he takes less damage from enemies because he's a "tough drunk." While Dragoescu and Casey's abilities seem most useful, Ahuja's description sheds some light on the wackier characters players can find and recruit in Watch Dogs: Legion.

The Inverse Analysis -- Watch Dogs: Legion's character recruiting and swapping mechanic may be one of the most ambitious mechanics from a AAA game in 2020, and these leaks shed some light on that. I'm still a bit unsure how well this ability will be pulled off in the final game, but these leaks do ease my concerns that the abilities of recruited characters would be too similar.

We haven't heard much about the game since E3 2019 and its subsequent delay, which worried me, but these leaks and Ubisoft's own trailer show that we should learn more about the game soon at Ubisoft Forward on July 12, 2020. Watch Dogs 2 is even being given away for free during the event, for those that want a refresher before Watch Dogs: Legion comes out.

Watch Dogs: Legion will reportedly be released later this year.

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