10 Things You Have to Try in ‘Watch Dogs 2’

Explore the open world, mess with some NPCs, and sail across the bay. 

Nicholas Bashore

Watch Dogs 2 is at its best when you are out in the world exploring every inch and playing around with the various mechanics Ubisoft has given you in the game. There’s tons of activities to participate in with a wide variety of ways to approach them across the in-game map, all of which help you gain followers to put towards progressing through the Research trees and Main Operations in Watch Dogs 2. These smaller sections of the game are what make it Watch Dogs 2 feel unique, fun to play and a truly more immersive open world experience compared to its predecessor.

Here’s a few things worth trying next time you load into San Francisco as Marcus Holloway.

Nicholas Bashore

Take a Selfie (or 100)

Your phone in Watch Dogs 2 is your lifeline to everything the game has to offer like activities, Ubisoft Club challenges, multiplayer modes, and even your music collection in-game. Just like every other smartphone, it also comes equipped with a front- and rear-facing camera that you can use to take a whole collection of selfies, photos, and even snag a few photobombs. Roam around, snap some shots, and see if you can get any reactions.

Nicholas Bashore

Go Shopping

Whoever designed the numerous wardrobes available to Marcus in Watch Dogs 2 deserves a medal, because nearly every clothing item available manages to perfectly fit his character in some form or another. There’s nine collections of clothes in total that you can purchase, unlock, or discover throughout the city to customize Marcus with, so be sure to spend some time picking the perfect outfit. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of the Cuddle-Kins sweater myself.

Nicholas Bashore

Make a Playlist

Watch Dogs 2 may not have a musical selection that is as good as say, Grand Theft Auto V, but there’s some good stuff scattered throughout that you can make a playlist out of on your phone. Once you’ve got the Media Player and SongSneak apps downloaded on your phone, spend some time building a playlist of your favorites and discovering new tunes throughout the world for your collection.

Nicholas Bashore

Complete a Mission Using Your Billiards Ball

Marcus is equipped with a signature melee weapon just like Aiden Peace, a billiard ball attached to a piece of neon-green rope. This thing is brutal and features a bunch of wild melee takedown animations that cycle through when you eliminate enemies with it. When used in tandem with gadgets like the Quadcopter, you can stealth your way through entire missions using only melee takedowns. Give it a shot, enjoy the takedown animations, and take a selfie with a guard. It’s fun! We promise.

Nicholas Bashore

Do Some Sightseeing

While it’s true that Watch Dogs 2 is all about playing around with NPCs, hacking your way through missions and collecting items hidden around the city, it’s important to also take some time to appreciate all the work that went into making San Francisco beautiful in the game. There’s a few noteworthy sites such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Silicon Valley that are worth visiting and snapping a few photos of. I’d recommend sightseeing at night in the city though if you’re looking to for the best photos.

Nicholas Bashore

Start a NPC War

[One of the abilities you’ll be able to unlock] ( is Gang Attack in the Social Engineering Research tree, which allows you to assign a target to one of the gangs of San Francisco. This will cause a group of gang members (whichever gangs territory you are currently in) to drive up and take out your target with no questions asked. By using this ability creatively, you can actually end up starting an entire gang war between two rival gangs in the city that can wage on for quite some time. It’s a spectacle that’ll distract everyone, cops included, from your movements through the city.

Nicholas Bashore

Participate in a Race

Like many other open world titles, Watch Dogs 2 features an entire series of racing activities scattered about the map ranging from Drone Races to Sailboat races. Most of these are quite fun and crazy to play through, featuring some pretty great dialogue and challenges for you to complete in order to gain significant boost to your follower count. Plus, you’ll win a hefty amount of cash if you come in first.

Nicholas Bashore

Pet Every Dog in San Francisco

San Francisco is a big, big city filled with thousands of people for you to interact with. More importantly though, those people often have their dogs following alongside them which you can pet to your hearts content. There’s small dogs, big dogs, furry dogs, and happy dogs — just be sure to pet them all. All of them.

Nicholas Bashore

Play Around with NPCs

Unlike most of the open world games currently available, the various NPCs who occupy the world of Watch Dogs 2 will interact with you if you intrude on their space or walk around snapping selfies in their store. So far, we have seen players ruin a wedding proposal, get attacked by a guy wielding a guitar, get photobombed by a group of dancers and create a giant ramp that NPCs continued to use when navigating the road. Explore the city, find some great characters, and see how you can mess around with them.

Save Aiden Pearce

You might remember the main protagonist from Watch Dogs back in 2014, Aiden Pearce. Turns out he’s in San Francisco during the events of Watch Dogs 2 and in one of the Side Operations you can actually help him out when he’s captured by one of the gangs in the area. You’ll have to find the Shadows Side Operation in-game, then head in and break him out of his cell. He may only give you a nod, but at least we know he’s still bringing the fight to Blume following the ending of the original game.

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