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One long-range Warzone loadout blows the game wide open

Harness the power of the EM2 assault rifle.

The highlight of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 is the addition of two new primary weapons, including the EM2 and TEC-9.

While the TEC-9 hasn’t lit the game’s meta on fire, the EM2 is now one of the top dogs within the assault rifle category thanks to its fast time to kill (TTK). It’s a slower assault rifle that almost feels like an LMG at times, but depending on how you build it, you can greatly improve many of its downsides.

But what’s the best loadout for the Warzone EM2? In this guide, we’ll show you the best EM2 build, along with information about its stats, and how you should use the weapon.

The best Warzone EM2 loadout for long-range

The EM2 is a heavy assault rifle built for long-range.Activision

The EM2 is intended to be used at long range, so you should build the weapon to enhance its bullet velocity and recoil control. Below is the best EM2 loadout to use during Season 5.

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 27.4” Ranger
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: 40 Rnd

As with most mid to long-range weapon builds in Warzone, you should always equip the Agency Suppressor Muzzle. This attachment not only keeps you from appearing on the minimap when firing, but it also improves the weapon’s range by 10 percent, its vertical recoil control by 5%, and gives it a huge 25 percent bullet velocity boost. This attachment does penalize the EM2’s aim down sights (ADS) speed, but only by 20ms — and we’ll make up for that later.

To further improve the EM2’s bullet velocity, you should use the 27.4” Ranger Barrel. This attachment boosts the bullet velocity by 50 percent, and when combined with the Agency Suppressor, your bullets will travel at 1192.5 m/s, according to TrueGameData. In essence, this means you won’t have to lead your shots as much, which will help you secure those long-range eliminations.

Here’s a closer look at what your full loadout should look like, perks and all.Activision

Since you’ll be using this weapon at range, we advise equipping an Optic, preferably something with a decent zoom like the Axial Arms 3x. You’ll be able to see your targets clearly with this attachment while preserving its ADS speeds. Speaking of which, the EM2’s default scope has terrible ADS times, so we highly recommend swapping to something else, even if you aren’t necessarily building the weapon for long-range.

Next up, go with the Field Agent Grip Underbarrel, which improves the weapon’s vertical and horizontal recoil control. This is key to staying on target, especially since the EM2 has significant recoil that can be hard to control.

Finally, you should always opt to increase the magazine size to at least 40. You can use the 50 Rnd magazine size instead, but it penalizes your ADS speeds significantly. Since the EM2 has a slow rate of fire, you can get away with a smaller magazine count in Warzone.

If built this way, the EM2 has a TTK of around .570ms up to 28 meters. This is extremely competitive and outclasses the likes of the FARA 83 and the Krig 6 — both of which are meta weapons. After 28 meters, the EM2’s TTK increases to around .7ms, which is fantastic, and once again outperforms many top assault rifles. Its only downsides are its lower mag count and its noticeable recoil that might be hard for newcomers to control.

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