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How to get a Warzone 2.0 DMZ Building 21 access card

There are three main ways to get inside.

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Now that the mysterious Building 21 is live in Warzone 2.0 DMZ, you can start making your way through the challenging new area. But before you can begin your journey through Building 21, you need to acquire an access card, which is far easier said than done. These access cards have a chance of appearing in Al Mazrah from within the DMZ mode, with multiple ways to acquire them. But how exactly can you get your hands on a Building 21 access card and what’s the easiest method? Here’s what you need to know to begin the Building 21 quest in Warzone 2.0 DMZ.

How to get Building 21 access cards

There are three main methods to acquiring a Building 21 access card within DMZ, though, keep in mind, none of them have a 100 percent chance of appearing.

These are the three ways of getting an access card in DMZ.

Orange Chests

Building 21 access cards have a low chance of appearing in orange chests.


The most straightforward way to get a Building 21 access card is to open orange chests. Access cards have a low chance of spawning from these chests, but if you know where to look, you can get your hands on one in no time.

Orange chests appear in Strongholds, so be sure to head to a Buy Station to purchase a Stronghold Key for $5,000. Then, you’ll have access to all Strongholds within that match. From there, you can keep visiting them, one after another, until you come across an orange chest with the access card.

Another great method is to visit the moving train, which also has plenty of orange chests. Your mileage will vary depending on where you spawn in relation to the train, but if you can get to it, you should have some luck finding orange chests.

Supply Drops

Supply Drops also have a chance of containing Building 21 access cards.


Another method is to open Supply Drops. These appear periodically throughout a DMZ match, so keep your eyes peeled as you play. You can actually use a SAM Site to destroy a plane containing these Supply Drops for a more direct approach.

It’s a bit of a chore to get it going, but if you’re stocked up on gear, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Visit the SAM Site, defend it, and once it’s ready, it’ll shoot down the plane. Then, drive to the crash site to collect the items inside the Supply Drop and you’ll have a chance of finding an access card.

Commander’s Helicopter

The Supply Crates that drop from Commanders also contain Building 21 access cards.


The final method involves shooting down a Commander’s helicopter. These appear partway through a DMZ match and are indicated by a skull icon on the map. You can utilize the same method as the previous — by triggering a SAM Site — to shoot down a Commander’s helicopter, but this can be tricky depending on where the enemy spawns.

You might have better luck simply shooting the Commander’s chopper with your weapons. If you do plan on shooting it down this way, make sure you have LMGs and a Munitions Box so you can refill your ammo as needed. Once the Commander crashes, visit the Supply Drop, and hopefully, an access card will appear.

You then need to extract the access card once you find it, and after you do, you’ll be able to launch directly into Building 21.

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