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Wild Warzone 2.0 exploit lets you reach max weapon level in one match

Level up your weapons fast before this gets patched.

Warzone 2.0

In Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, having the best weapon in any given situation can make the difference between victory and defeat. But unlocking the best weapon attachments will take some time, as leveling in Warzone 2.0 is a slow, arduous process. Thankfully, a new weapon exploit was discovered, allowing players to earn an absurd amount of XP in just one battle royale match. This method is a little tricky, but once you get it going, you’ll rake in the weapon XP, making it the best way to level up in Warzone 2.0. But how does this exploit work? Here’s what you need to know.

Step 1 — Collect the weapon you want to level

Start by acquiring the weapon you’d like to level. Then, complete Safecracker contracts to earn XP and cash.


First, jump into a battle royale match of your choice. If you play with friends, you’ll have an easier time getting things done, as you’ll need to complete Safecracker contracts. With multiple teammates, you can quickly finish these contracts in no time. Try and land in an area with lots of Safecracker contracts so you can complete them back-to-back.

But the first step is to actually acquire the weapon you’d like to level. You can do this by landing in a high-traffic area such as Al Mazrah City while picking up as much cash as possible. Then, visit a Buy Station to purchase the weapon you’d like to level. Remember, you can purchase your loadout weapons for $5,000 at Buy Stations. Otherwise, if you find a weapon on the ground you’d like to level up, that works, too.

Step 2 — Complete Safecracker contracts

Try to stick to areas with multiple Safecracker contracts to maximize XP.


Once you’ve acquired the weapon you want to level, begin a Safecracker contract and visit each safe to destroy them. Along the way, make sure you collect as much gear and cash as possible. You should also switch to your desired weapon as you destroy safes so you gain XP for it.

At this point, continue completing as many Safecracker contracts as possible so you continue to rack up XP and cash. Each subsequent Safecracker contract gives you more XP than the previous, sort of serving as a multiplier (though it’s unclear if this is a bug). Eventually, you’ll have a boatload of cash. Try and aim for at least $25,000 to perform the next step.

Step 3 — Buy armor plates

Purchase as many armor plates as possible to earn weapon XP.


After you’ve racked up a ton of cash, visit a Buy Station. Your goal is to purchase armor plates, which cost only $400 each. Interestingly, when you make purchases at a Buy Station, you’ll earn XP for whichever weapon you’re carrying (again, it’s unknown if this is intentional). So, since armor plates are so inexpensive, and since they’re an unlimited item in the Buy Station, you can spam the purchase button until you run out of cash.

Keep in mind, you’ll be a sitting duck at the Buy Station while you make your purchases, but if your main goal is to simply earn XP, you should probably be okay with getting eliminated early. As long as you spam the purchase button, you’ll at least make some progress toward leveling up your weapon.

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