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All 21 new cheat codes in the latest Vampire Survivors update

Is it really cheating if the game encourages it?

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Bullet hells have never felt so good as they do in Vampire Survivors. Since the title dropped in Early Access on Steam in December of last year, the adrenaline-pumping retro game has gained a massive following thanks to its low price of 2.99 and nearly endless hours of content.

One feature that Vampire Survivors has brought back from retro titles is the inclusion of a wide range of cheats, called spells, that can give the player access to any item they want. With patch 0.10.109 dropping today there are a wealth of new cheats to unlock, here they are.

How to unlock the “spells” menu

Cheats in Vampire Survivors are called “spells”. The player gains access to the cheats menu after finding the Forbidden Scrolls relic. However, the latest patch also adds a new method to temporarily unlock the menu. To do this, just click the Yellow Sign entry in the Collection menu seven times.

The “spells” menu in Vampire Survivors.


In order to make entering cheat codes easier for those using the Steam Deck or a gamepad, the latest update also adds an on-screen keyboard option. That way typing out the game’s cheat codes, some of which can be pretty lengthy, isn’t as much of a hassle.

New “spells” to unlock

The latest patch adds 21 new spells that players can enter in the menu to unlock items. In addition to cheats in the dedicated cheat menu, there are also a handful of codes that can be entered on the main screen. Check out our guide on those additional secrets.

Here are all the new codes to enter in the “spells” menu in patch 01.10.109.

The first two codes are dedicated to unlocking weapons and stages.

  • everything: All weapons are unlocked for Level Up options.
  • everywhere: All five main stages and Hyper mode unlocked.

All Vampire Survivors is missing now is an “allatonce” code.

Vampire Survivors is a hectic and addictive bullet hell.


How to unlock Arcanas in the new patch

The rest of the codes unlock Arcanas, which are special game modifiers that once unlocked can be equipped at the beginning of a stage to give you an advantage. The gameplay requirements for unlocking Arcanas are hefty, so these new codes are a welcome addition.

  • ilmatto : Game Killer
  • ilbagatto : I - Gemini
  • lapapessa : II - Twilight Requiem
  • limperatrice : III - Tragic Princess
  • limperatore : IV - Awake
  • ilpapa : V - Chaos in the Dark Night
  • ilcarro : VII - Iron Blue Will
  • laforza : VIII - Mad Groove
  • laruota : X - Beginning
  • lagiustizia : XI - Waltz of Pearls
  • lappeso : XII - Out of Bounds
  • lamorte : XIII - Wicked Season
  • latemperanza : XIV - Jail of Crystal
  • ildiavolo : XV - Disco of Gold
  • latorre : XVI - Slash
  • lastella : XVII - Lost & Found Painting
  • laluna : XVIII - Boogaloo of Illusions
  • ilsole : XIX - Heart of Fire
  • ilgiudizio : XX - Silent Old Sanctuary

Vampire Survivors is currently in Early Access on Steam and PC Game Pass.

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