3 steps to fix Valorant’s pesky Error 39 messages

Error 39 is a persistant error following the start of Valorant Episode 2, Act 3.

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The launch of Valorant Episode 2, Act 3 has come with some issues for the game.

While nothing like Call of Duty: Warzone’s map glitch has emerged just yet, many players are running into Error 39 when they boot up the game. If you’re logging on to see the new Breeze map and start working on the new battlepass, then errors like this can be really frustrating.

Error 39 is a pretty common problem following Valorant’s latest update, so if you encounter it, here’s what it means and what you can do to try and fix it.

What is Valorant Error 39?

Error 39 is something that Valorant players will see when trying to connect to the game’s servers. It comes alongside a message that says, “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client.” Despite that, some players can still encounter the issue even after they restart the game, which could be cause for concern.

What causes Valorant Error 39?

As the error description explains, this error is one of many that can pop up when Valorant cannot connect to Riot Games’ servers.

Valorant is a multiplayer online game, so a connection is always required to play. If something disrupts that flow, then you’ll get an error and won’t be able to access the game. Only Riot Games’ servers or your internet can cause this issue.

Riot Games has not officially commented on this issue yet, but the servers are likely just struggling due to the influx of new players at the start of a new Act. Alternatively, your internet might be spotty and struggles to keep you connected. If you run into this error, those are the most likely causes.

How to fix Valorant Error 39

Error 39 is likely caused by an issue with Riot Games’ servers that makes it tough to connect.

  1. Like the error message recommends, try restarting the game.
  2. If the error message persists, check your internet connection and try restarting your wireless router and computer before launching Valorant again. If you still get the error message, then the issue is likely with the Valorant servers.
  3. At this point, you could consider submitting a support ticket with Riot directly. Or, you could just wait it out.

If you’re still seeing the issue pop up despite trying all of the above, then the issue is on Riot Games’ end.

This can be quite frustrating at the start of a new season as you want to see what’s new and start completing the battlepass, but it’s your only real option if nothing works on your end. If you’re really concerned about the game, monitor its Twitter account and support page.

Whenever Riot Games’ sorts out server issues on their end, you’ll be able to log on and start fighting other again.

Valorant is available for free on PC.

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