Call of Duty: Warzone under map glitch blows the game wide open

Try it out before it’s patched.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk ‘84 map currently has a couple of game-breaking exploits.

The massive nuke event destroyed modern-day Verdansk as we know it and sent players back in time to 1984. May familiar locations remain, but they have been transformed to reflect the new time period. As a result, these areas have new exploits that can give players an extreme edge in a battle — if taking advantage of glitches is something you’re interested in. Otherwise, there are two places you should avoid, because enemy players might eliminate you while performing the exploit themselves

At both Stadium and Aiport, players can deliberately fall under the map but still live. If you have weapons, this means you can kill other players from under the map even though they can’t shoot or see you. Once you’re done, you can even get back to the surface with a zipline.

As this glitch can be game-breaking, it is very likely that Activision will patch it out in the near future. But this easy exploit is still active as of April 26, 2021. It might get you reported, but it could also help you survive.

If you want to try this glitch out before it’s gone forever, here’s what do in Call of Duty: Warzone.

How to get under Stadium in Warzone

This exploit can be a bit finicky to find but will give you free rein to explore and attack players from underneath Stadium.

To fall underneath the map, you first need to go to the correct location at the northwest end of Stadium. There will be a staircase to your right as well as some portable toilets and a Stadium entrance ahead of you.

Line yourself up with the trim on the right side of the entrance and walk towards it. When you walk over the curb, you should fall through the ground. From there, you can crouch or crawl into the central area of the Stadium, which is still under construction in 1984. While the map will look strange and broken, you’ll be able to see and attack almost any player in Stadium.

As mentioned, you can get out with a zipline if need be. It’s unfair to win a Warzone game this way, but it’s a fun glitch to check out nonetheless.

How to get under Airport in Warzone

The Airport exploit is easier to access, though it can be complicated to stay under the map and remain alive once you’re there. There is one door on the west side of the building. Walk up the stairs and open the door. Once you do, you can simply walk into the wall on the right side of where the door was open, and you’ll fall underneath the world.

Once you have fallen through the world, hug the wall and find solid ground. If you fall into the white void, you’ll parachute briefly before dying and getting sent to the Gulag. Those that live can attack players in the airport and road underneath it without any issues.

Because this glitch is in the game, most players might want to avoid Aiport and Stadium for the time being. Don’t be surprised if Activision eliminates this glitch very quickly with an upcoming patch. Still, oddities like these are fun to mess around with during a match or two so you can see the game’s world from a whole new perspective.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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