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Where to find all three Adler Intel contracts in Call of Duty: Warzone

It’s time to track down Adler.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 is available now as a major free update for all players. It comes with a slew of new features such as an altered 1984 version of the Verdansk map following the nuke event, as well as new challenges to complete more closely tied to the Black Ops Cold War storyline. One of the new challenges is “Hunt for Adler,” which has its own set of cosmetic rewards upon completion.

Here’s how to track him down.

How to do the Call of Duty: Warzone Hunt for Adler challenge

In order to finish the challenge, you must visit three areas around the map, collect the Hunt for Adler intel contract (indicated by an Adler icon with sunglasses and hair), and find all three supply boxes before the timer runs out.

Adler intel contracts appear on the map just like other contracts.


The main hurdle is that this is a limited-time event, meaning a lot of players will also be attempting to collect the contract first. Once someone collects the contract to initiate the objective, it is no longer available to other players.

Luckily, each match has multiple Adler contract spawns, across Summit, Factory, and Farmland. The contracts don’t spawn in the exact same location each game, but you’ll always find at least one across the aforementioned locations. In addition, multiple contracts seem to spawn at Factory since it’s a high traffic area.

Where to find each Adler contract in Call of Duty: Warzone

Here’s where to find all three Hunt for Adler intel locations.


The above map shows each Hunt for Adler contract spawn. Remember, they don’t spawn in the same spots each match, but at least one will always appear across Summit, Factory, and Farmland — as indicated above.

In order to complete the entire challenge, you must complete the Intel contract across each location. Don’t worry, this can be done across multiple matches, so it’s best to prioritize one location before moving to the next. After you’ve grabbed the Intel contract, it works just like a traditional Scavenger contract. Simply collect the subsequent three supply boxes to complete it.

We advise attempting this challenge in Plunder, as it’s way more forgiving than Battle Royale. You can try to eliminate players in the air before you get to your objective, which is easier since you spawn in with your loadout.

The other thing to mention is that progression for this challenge seems to be bugged in its current state. Raven will likely fix this soon, but for now, you can’t even gain progress for each piece of Intel, even if you finish the contract. We advise waiting a few days before attempting this.


Here’s where to find the Summit intel.


The Intel contract for Summit usually spawns around the bridge. This is typically the easiest one to get since it’s so far out of the way. We advise you to grab a helicopter to get here quickly.


Here’s where to located the Factory intel.


Factory is a new area introduced with Season 3, and luckily, there are usually three Intel contracts that spawn here. Since it’s close to the center of the map, you’ll likely find this one difficult to complete, but fortunately, you’ll have multiple opportunities since there are three contracts that spawn here.


Here’s where to located the Farmlad contract.


Finally, the one at Farmland seems to be the most difficult to finish, mainly because the helicopter usually spawns (or ends up) right over top of this area, meaning you’ll have many players to fight as you land. Keep trying, and eventually, you’ll get there first.

What are the Hunt for Adler challenge rewards?

“Hunt for Adler” offers up some exclusive rewrads.


You can actually complete the challenge in Black Ops Cold War, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re only referring to how to finish it in Warzone. Finishing each Intel contract nets you with a specific reward::

  • Farmland: Missing — Calling Card
  • Summit: Rebel Rivas — Sticker
  • Factory: Close Call — Charm

Upon collecting all three pieces of Intel, you’ll be rewarded with the Tortured & Rescued Adler Operator skin for use in Warzone or Cold War. It’s a nifty reward that is only available for a limited time throughout this event.

Why are Warzone players trying to find Adler?

Adler’s overall story and involvement across Warzone and Cold War is mostly based on revenge. Adler initially raided Rebirth Island to interrogate a person named Vikhor Kuzmin (a.k.a., Stitch), who was overseeing the production of the biochemical weapon Nova 6.

While on the island, Adler tortured and took Kuzmin captive in order to extract information. Later on, Kuzmin and his squad confronted Adler and kidnapped him as payback. It was reported that Adler was taken to Verdansk to be brainwashed, and that’s where you come in. Find the Intel to figure out Adler’s location to bring him home.

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