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Triangle Strategy tier list: All 30 characters, ranked

Who’s worthy to be in your army?

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Triangle Strategy tier list
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Choosing your characters is vital to winning battles in Triangle Strategy, as you’ll need to formulate strategies around the strengths and weaknesses of each one. There are thirty different characters you can recruit in Triangle Strategy, and each and everyone functions differently. Some characters are recruited by making specific story decisions, while others are gained by having the requisite amount of Conviction Points. Before long you’ll be overwhelmed with characters to use in battle, so we’ll help wade through the choices with our Triangle Strategy character tier list. Please be aware that there may be minor spoilers simply based on which characters are recruitable.

D-Tier characters

Medina is recruited by reaching 500 Morality and 400 Liberty in Conviction Points.

Square Enix

30. Medina

  • Medina has the unique ability to use two items in one turn, but her healing prowess simply doesn’t stack up to the dedicated healers, and her attack power leaves a lot to be desired. If you absolutely feel like you need another healer she can help, but virtually all the other characters can be more useful in battle.

29. Corentin

  • The trouble with Corentin is that he’s not bad, it’s just that all the other mages in the game are better. He’s the only one that specializes in ice magic, but his magic attack pales in comparison to Frederica and Ezana, and his speed is absolutely abysmal.

28. Jens

  • Jens is a character that’s useful in very specific situations, where his traps and ladders will get full use. He has low strength, speed, and defense, meaning he’s one of the weaker combatants in the game. However, if you’re on a map with cliffs and chokepoints, you might still want him in your party.

27. Lionel

  • Lionel is yet another character that suffers from horrendous speed, meaning you’ll have to mitigate it with accessories and improvements if you even want to use him. The best time to use Lionel is on Mental Mock Battles when you’re trying to earn money, as he has a handy skill that awards some coins each time you have him pick up spoils.

C-Tier characters

Giovanna is recruited by reaching 1600 Liberty in Conviction Points.

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26. Travis

25. Trish

24. Giovanna

  • Giovanna is one of the last hidden characters you’ll obtain, but what puts her lower than the others is how specific her abilities are. She’s essentially a Geomancer that can use abilities depending on the terrain type she’s standing on. What that means, unfortunately, is that maps that take place in town or entirely on rocky terrain will only give her one usable ability for the whole battle.

23. Groma

22. Piccoletta

21. Flanagan

  • Flanagan is basically a flying version of Erador, but not nearly as good. He has a huge emphasis on defense but surprisingly slow movement and speed. He can work well as a defender, but in most cases, you’re better off just going with Erador.

20. Milo

B-Tier characters

Julio is recruited by getting 275 Morality and 110 Utility in Conviction Points.

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19. Julio

  • Julio may not have fantastic strength and defense, but he’s the perfect support character. His unique abilities let him gift TP to allies, or take TP away from enemies. This means he can ensure your mages use attacks every turn, or he can take valuable TP away from enemy mages.

18. Erador

17. Hughette

16. Hossabara

15. Narve

  • Narve is one of the most useful mages in Triangle Strategy, due to the fact that he can use both attack and healing spells. As a tradeoff, however, he doesn’t have the sheer magical power of more specialized mages.

14. Ezana

13. Rudolph

A-Tier characters

Geela is unlocked from the start of Triangle Strategy.

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12. Serenoa

11. Roland

10. Benedict

9. Geela

  • Geela is by far the best healer in Triangle Strategy, both in terms of recovery numbers and speed. She also has the Haste ability which can be hugely useful, especially if you give her the Vanguard Scarf, which guarantees she acts first in each battle.

8. Cordelia

7. Archibald

  • Archibald has very low movement compared to other archers, but he more than makes up for it with his insane range. He’s a vital unit when leveled up, and has an especially useful ability called Inescapable Arrow that can hit enemies halfway across the map, even if they’re behind cover.

6. Frederica

5. Anna

S-Tier characters

To recruit Maxwell you have to defend the Roselle in Chapter 11, and he should join you in Chapter 15.

Square Enix

4. Decimal

  • Decimal is a really interesting character with unique abilities that have an extraordinary range and can hit all enemies whose HP ends in multiples of certain numbers. He’s the perfect supporting character that sits in the back rows, and Decimal’s abilities can get even stronger if you invest in upgrading them.

3. Quahaug

  • Quahaug is the third and final of the hidden characters, and they’re by far the most interesting. The main use for Quahaug is increasing your team’s speed, but they also have an ability that can revert the battle back to a turn ago, excluding enemies that have perished. In some way, Quahaug feels like they break the game, but hey take what you can get, right?

2. Avlora

  • It should come as no surprise that Avlora is one of the best characters in the game, especially since you only get her by playing the true ending. Her attack power is incredible, and both her strength and defense raise when her health gets low. Avlora is practically an army unto herself.

1. Maxwell

  • Maxwell is another fearsome warrior, but he’s much easier to obtain than Avlora. Maxwell is one of the fastest units in the entire game, and he has high strength as well. His biggest drawback is his mediocre defense, but when leveled he unlocks the incredible Revive ability that’ll restore him to full health when knocked unconsciousy, once per battle.

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