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How to recruit the 5 best characters in Triangle Strategy

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Triangle Strategy has a wealth of different characters to choose from as you formulate battle plans. Each and every character has their own unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses, so it’s essential to keep all that in mind when deciding who to bring into battle. Like with any tactical RPG, Triangle Strategy is a challenging experience that’s going to put your skills to the test. While any character can be effective, some are absolutely better than others, and you’ll likely want to focus your resources and money on upgrading a few specific characters. With that in mind, here are the five best characters in Triangle Strategy, and how to recruit them.

Best Characters in Triangle Strategy


Anna is recruited automatically.


Anna is one of the main characters unlocked from the start of Triangle Strategy, and she’s likely going to be one of your strongest attackers for most of the game. Her biggest strength is her Act Twice ability, which lets her use two actions each turn. Using two attacks lets Anna do huge damage, especially if you use two back attacks. It’s even better if you have someone set up for a follow-up attack, as they’ll follow up for both of Anna’s attacks. Anna also gets a ranged skill that lets you throw poison, and she can traverse huge elevation changes. Couple that with her high speed, and you’ve got an absolutely deadly assassin that can rush in and cause damage. Anna’s biggest weakness is her low defense, however, so it’s a good idea to focus upgrades and accessories on improving that.


Benedict is recruited automatically.


Benedict is another key character available from the start, and while he doesn’t have exceptional stats, his strength lies entirely in his buff-based abilities. He’s by far the best support unit in the game and can be a key supporter in establishing a strong offense or defense, depending on the situation. You’ll always want to pair Benedict with another character that he can support and buff, such as Serenoa for attacking or Erador for defending. As he ranks up, Benedict gains access to even more useful abilities, like being able to grant an ally their turn instantly. He may not be great on the frontlines, but Benedict should always be a part of your strategy.


Recruited by accruing Conviction Points - 110 in Morality and 275 in Liberty.


There are a number of magic users in Triangle Strategy, but Narve is easily the most useful, due to the fact he can attack and heal. Unlike other mages, Narve can use multiple elements, meaning he can exploit nearly every environmental effect. He may not have the sheer magical strength that other mages do, but his flexibility more than makes up for that. Narve will need to be protected by units with higher defense, but he makes the perfect supporting unit that can deal damage and healing in equal measure.


Recruited by accruing Conviction Points - 275 in Morality and 110 in Liberty.


Julio is an absolutely vital support character to have, especially if you tend to use a lot of mages in battle. He’s a relatively strong attacker that can easily sit on the front lines, but what makes him really exceptional are his TP-boosting abilities. Julio can grant 2 TP to an ally on his turn, which essentially lets a mage use a spell every single turn if you choose. Julio also gains TP himself whenever he KOs a unit, and the higher his TP the higher his defense, which is already a naturally high stat. Julio should always be near your frontlines or helping your mages wreak havoc on the enemy.


Recruited by accruing Conviction Points - 400 in Morality and 500 in Utility.


You’ll have access to Hughette and Rudolph earlier in the game, but Archibald is a fantastic archer that should stay in your party once he joins. He has a unique skill that makes his attacks deal greater damage the further the enemy is, and Second Sight increases his overall range. He also has a couple of unique attacks, like Arrow Spray, which deals damage to all enemies within a three-tile range. Archibald’s biggest downside is his low speed, but this can be decently mitigated by improving his abilities and equipping accessories.

How to Recruit All Characters in Triangle Strategy

You’ll need multiple playthroughs to recruit everyone.


While the characters above are good options to focus on recruiting and improving, it’s also good to know how to get every character in Triangle Strategy. You’ll need multiple playthroughs in order to recruit everyone, as some are based on specific choices made in chapters. When you unlock New Game+, however, you’ll be able to keep everyone you’ve already recruited into your army. New Game+ also lets you see how much actions contribute to your Conviction Points, making it easier to plan and recruit characters that require certain points.

Choice-Based Recruits

  • Corentin - Travel to Hyzante in Chapter 3.
  • Rudolph - Travel to Aesfrost in Chapter 3.
  • Milo - Return to Wolffort in Chapter 15.
  • Cordelia - Stay in the crown city in Chapter 15.
  • Trish - Go with Frederica in Chapter 15, also must have protected the Roselle in Chapter 11 and 12.
  • Travis - Go with Frederica in Chapter 15, also must have tried to remove the Roselle in Chapter 11 and 12.
  • Maxwell - Choose to protect the Roselle in Chapter 11. Maxwell should join you in Chapter 15 after that.
  • Avlora - Unlock the true ending in Chapter 17.

Conviction Points Recruits

  • Julio - 275 in Morality and 110 in Utility
  • Hossabara - 275 in Utility and 110 in Liberty
  • Narve - 110 in Morality and 275 in Liberty
  • Jens - 450 in Morality
  • Lionel - 400 in Utility
  • Piccoletta - 450 in Liberty
  • Medina - 500 in Morality and 400 in Liberty
  • Archibald - 400 in Morality and 500 in Utility
  • Ezana - 400 in Utility and 500 in Liberty
  • Flanagan - 1050 in Morality and 750 in Utility
  • Groma - 1050 in Utility and 750 in Liberty
  • Decimal - 1600 in Morality
  • Quahaug - 1600 in Utility
  • Giovanna - 1600 in Liberty

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