Enter the void

2 Teamfight Tactics Void team comps take the meta by storm with True Damage

Leverage True Damage to melt your opponents.

A new team composition has surged to the top of Teamfight Tactics competitive play after the 10.7 update nerfed many of the game’s most powerful champions. Previous teams that focused on Rebel champions went from oppressively powerful with a balance of defensive and offensive bonuses to somewhat middling. In the wake of these Rebel nerfs, Void teams have proven more effective than ever by leveraging True Damage to obliterate most of Set 3’s top comps. What is True Damage and how can you use it to demolish the competition? You have two primary options.

Once you get three Void champions on the board in any Teamfight Tactics match, their basic attacks and spells will deal True Damage, which bypasses any type of resistance. That means damage from Void units will ignore the armor bonus that Vanguard teams gain, the Magic Resistance perk that defends Mystic teams, and any resistance provided by items. Even Rebels relies on a health shield that gets bypassed by Void-focused comps.

Pairing Void with other synergies that are capable of explosive damage, like Infiltrators, can decimate opponents. Alternatively, you can build a tanky frontline by adding Brawlers to the mix so your squishy champions don’t get busted down by players running Valkyrie comps that can deal massive critical damage.

Regardless of which two variants you go for, you’ll be rolling for Kha’Zix, Vel’Koz, and Cho’Gath to activate the Void bonus as quickly as possible. Here’s a deeper look at what these comps look like once they’re finalized.

Brawler and Void Comp

Aim to make the top your final lineup, but use Sona and Karma in the early game to benefit from the Mystic bonus before you're able to get Soraka and Lulu.

This comp strikes a perfect balance between survivability and burst damage — Brawlers get bonus health and Void units get the True Damage. This team reaches peak strength if you manage to hit Level 9 when you’ll be able to squeeze even more bonuses into it, so save up your gold early on to make it to the late game. In the end, you’ll want 4 Brawlers, 3 Void, 2 Mystic, 2 Chrono, 2 Mystic, and 2 Sorcerer on your board with the option to even get 2 Celestial if you’re able to build a Celestial Orb out of a Spatula and Negatron Cloak.

Your final lineup should include Kha’ZIx, Malphite, Twisted Fate, Blizcrank, Vi, Cho’Gath, Soraka, Vel’Koz, and Lulu. More than half of this team is made up of 3-Cost units or higher, so roll for your cheaper units early on and then focus on leveling up to build the rest of your team. Early in the game, you can use Sona and Karma as your two Mystics and then swap them out for Soraka and Lulu in the late-game.

Your main source of damage will come from your Void units. Vel’Koz will be your main carry so stack Rabadon’s Deathcap, Seraphs’s Embrace, or Morellonomicon on him. Cho’Gath is usually the tank, but with the Void perk he can deal a surprising amount of damage, so slap Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel, Ionic Spark, or Celestial Orb on him.

The wide array of bonuses you gain from this team guarantees that your Void units will be dealing massive damage during fights no matter who they fight. Plus, Blitzcrank and Cho’Gath will provide necessary stuns to quickly dispatch your opponent's important champions.

Infiltrators, Mech-Pilots, and Void Comp

Sub out Shaco for Ekko in the late game.

This build is much more focused on sheer burst damage and can be susceptible to teams with a lot of stunning abilities, but if you manage to get 4 Infiltrators, 3 Void, 3 Mech-Pilots, and 2 Sorcerers by the time you’re Level 7, you’ll start disintegrating your opponents' teams. Infiltrators will flank enemy units while Void champions deal their true damage, Mech-Pilots merge into a Super-Mech tank, and Sorcerers boost spell power for additional ranged damage.

Your backline champions will be your core damage dealers and should consist of Kha’Zix, Ahri, Kai’Sa, Vel’Koz, and Ekko while your frontline will be your three Mech-Pilots: Fizz, Rumble, and Annie. Since you won’t get Ekko until late in the game use Shaco as a substitute as you’re leveling.

Just like the previous build, you’ll want to stack your Vel’Koz with Rabadon’s Deathcap, Seraphs’s Embrace, or Morellonomico to exponentially increase his damage output. You’ll also be aiming for a similar build for Ekko by giving him Ionic Spark, Seraphs’s Embrace, or Morellonomico. But don’t get too caught up in purely offensive items.

The weakest part of this build is that your Mech-Pilots are your only tanks (three of them will assemble into a Super-Mech at the start of combat), so you’ll want to give them as much survivability as possible. Throw tanky items like Guardian Angel, Ionic Spark, and Bramble Vest on Rumble to make sure the Mech-Pilots stay in their Super-Mech form for as long as possible while the rest of your team cleans the board.

This team is slightly more inconsistent than the Brawler-Void build, but if you build it quickly you’ll likely burst your opponents down before they even have a chance to build around you.

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