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1 secret Teamfight Tactics team comp became a must-try in the 10.7 meta

Rebel scum doesn't stand a chance against a Void team comp.

The 10.7 update for Teamfight Tactics hit live servers Wednesday, bringing with it some major nerfs to some of the game’s strongest champions. The Rebel team comps that once dominated the game’s meta are now much less viable, but with Riot Games’ recent balance changes, new strategies have begun to emerge — and there’s one overlooked comp that could be Set 3’s sleeping giant.

Void is an often underutilized Origin bonus added to the game with the release of TFT’s space-themed update early in March. Once three Void champions are placed on a board, their basic attacks and special abilities will deal True Damage (essentially unblockable damage that ignores armor and magic resistances). Pairing 3 Void with 4 Infiltrators and 3 Mech-Pilots creates an aggressive offensive squad that will disintegrate everything it touches thanks to how the Void ability works.

Because True Damage ignores resistances, that makes Void a hard-counter to Vanguard, Mystic, and Protector comps that become extremely tanky because of their resistances. So far in Galaxies Set 3, this comp has been slept on compared to the game's more popular builds like Rebels and Cybernetics.

Add Void to a team of Infiltrators and Mech-Pilots for absolute destruction.

Redox - Teamfight Tactics TFT

TFT streamer and “Redox” has showcased just how destructive this comp can be on his YouTube channel since late last week. Amassing all of the necessary pieces is relatively easy because hardly anyone rolls these same units.

“This comp uses the power of true damage and right now Voids are not being abused at all,” he said in a video uploaded Wednesday. “I’ve never seen this comp being played in ranked ever. The times I have abused it I’ve gotten easy top four with this build.”

Here’s a look at how your board should look like when you’re trying to build this secretly overpowered Void comp.

The Board

If you really want to dunk on your opponent with the Void comp, save enough gold to reach level 9 and add Gangplank to your squad.

Redox - Teamfight Tactics TFT

This build relies on getting to at least level 8 to be able to get 3 Void, 4 Infiltrators, 3 Mech-Pilots, and 2 Sorcerers on the board. Your backline champions will be your core damage dealers and should consist of Kha’Zix, Kai’Sa, Shaco, Vel’Koz, and Cho’Gath while your frontline should be your three Mech-Pilots: Fizz, Rumble, and Annie.

For your items, stack your Shaco with physical attack damage items like Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge while you equip your Vel’Koz with spell items like Rabadon’s Deathcap and Seraph’s Embrace. Your Kha’Zix will be your weakest unit since he’s 1-Cost so try your best to 3-Star the insectoid assassin and give him team-buff items like two Lockets of the Iron Solari to beef up your otherwise squishy backline.

The weakest part of this build is that your Mech-Pilots are your only tanks. Give Rumble as many survivability items as you can build, like Guardian Angel, Ionic Spark, and Bramble Vest to make sure the Mech-Pilots stay in their Super-Mech form for as long as possible while the rest of your team cleans the board.

You can take this build a step further if you save enough gold to make it to level 9 by throwing in a Gangplank. This will unlock the Demolitionist bonus since Rumble is on the board and give you a massive area-of-effect stun thanks to Gangplank’s special ability. Give Gangplank a Spear of Shojin or Morellonomicon to truly melt your opponent's team with further boosts.

The full scope of this Void build feels a bit chaotic, but because it's able to hard-counter some of the stronger builds in the game right now, it should make for easy victories for anyone who decides to enter the Void to see its true power.

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