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How to Find Neon and Join Ryujin Industries in Starfield

A cyberpunk metropolis in space.

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Neon entrance, Starfield

Starfield is full of endless possibilities for players to experience thanks to its expansive universe. While you can follow the main story, some of the best content is found in the three main factions. One is the seedy corporation, Ryujin Industries, which offers the perfect opportunity for players to get up to some of the more illegal activities Starfield has to offer. Ryujin is located in the cyberpunk city of Neon. Here’s to how to find it and get started on your next space-faring adventure.

Once the main story of Starfield takes you to the central hub of New Atlantis, you can immediately head off to find Neon. New Atlantis is located in Alpha Centauri, so to navigate to Neon on the star map, plot a course to the right. Head toward Olympus and then keep moving right toward the Volii system. Once you have the course plotted, make the jump to the Volii system.

Neon is Starfield’s cyberpunk city full of criminals and corporations.


The Volii system is controlled by the Freestar Collective and contains six planets. Select the planet, Volii Alpha, then look for Neon on the planet’s surface to select it as your landing spot. Starfield suggests players be at least level five before tackling everything the city has to offer.

Neon is a sprawling cyberpunk city that also evokes the themes of that genre. The city is besieged by greed in the form of local gangs as well as massive corporations. It also offers players a chance to explore some of Starfield’s more morally gray adventures.

There are plenty of points of interest in Neon, the largest being Ryujin Industries. Ryujin acts as the obligatory evil corporation of Starfield, and serves as one of the game’s three major factions. To start the faction quest, enter the Ryujin building and apply for a job. Players can also head to the Ebbside area of Neon to encounter one of the local criminal gangs, the Ebbside Strikers.

Head to Neon to join Ryujin Industries.


While in Neon, make sure to introduce yourself to all the recruitable companions that make their homes in the city. There are three companions to meet in Neon: Dani Garcia in Euphorika, Mickey Caviar in The Astral Lounge, and Sophia Grace in Madame Sauvage’s Place.

If you do make your way to The Astral Lounge to meet Mickey, you can also take the opportunity to legally purchase Aurora, Starfield’s sought-after narcotic. This is because Neon is the home of Aurora production, and players looking to get in on the contraband business can learn to produce their own stash for profit. To do this, pick up the “Loose Ends” quest in the Spaceport of Neon by speaking with Neshar, a man arrested by security.

After familiarizing yourself with the city of Neon, its secrets, and its colorful inhabitants, you will be ready to join up with Ryujin and continue your journey through Starfield’s universe in support of the company’s corporate goals.

Starfield is currently available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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